The Custard Machine Explosion Incident was an incident at the first known Tubbyland Restaurant and the reason it was in poor condition in the first game. Each version of FNaTL shows different/more information on how and who did the incident.

The incident took place before the events of the first game and is the reason why the attraction is in a bad condition. In Five Nights at Tubbyland, after 3/20 mode is beaten in the Custom Night, a secret minigame plays, of which a video can be found here. In the minigame, it is shown that Po was the one who caused it. The reason is likely shown in Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game's secret minigame.

After the Christmas update, Noo-Noo's jumpscare was replaced with PTLD-93's jumpscare, likely referencing that PTLD-93 made Po cause the explosion.




The ambience that plays in the minigame.

MusicBox po

The music for the minigame.


The laughing that plays in the minigame.

Broken machines

The sound that plays when in the Dining Room 2.


The sound that plays right after walking up to the custard machine.


  • The music box from the demo plays during the minigame.

In Five Nights at Tubbyland 2 after you beat 6/20 mode in the Custom Night, you will get a cutscene from Po's point of view, standing in a room with the other tubbybots from Five Nights at Tubbyland, in their original fixed form. In the room you can see a custard machine which signifies that the cutscene takes place during the custard machine incident. In the scene, Po walks up to the custard machine, and a button appears for the player to 'deploy explosive device'. When the button is pressed, the dispenser for the custard goes down, and an alarm goes with red lights shining in the room, and later, Noo-Noo jumpscares the player.

After that, the words, 'ARE YOU STILL THERE?' and then 'I HAVE BEEN FOR YEARS' appear on screen after the Noo-Noo jumpscare goes away.

In the Thanksgiving update, the Tubbybots are replaced with newer versions of themselves, as well as the mask of Po that you see through. There is a poster and a camera at the corner, and more detail overall. Noo-Noo is also simply a silhouette along with PTLD-93 who now appears to the left. Noo-Noo still jumpscares you, and the text is the same, however the jumpscare is now more in the style of the first game Noo-Noo's jumpscare.



Musicbox sad

The musicbox that plays during the cutscene.

Computer interior

The ambience that plays during the cutscene.

Ambient eerie

Ambience that plays from time to time during the cutscene.


The sound that plays while looking around in the cutscene.


The sound that plays when clicking the "DEPLOY EXPLOSIVE DEVICE" button in the cutscene.

Deepsteps2 1

The sound of walking up to the custard machine in the cutscene.

Unknown force2

The sound that plays when pressing space to launch action in the cutscene.

Alarm alt

The alarm that sounds when pressing space to launch action in the cutscene.


The sound that plays along with Noo-Noo's scream when he jumpscares the player after the cutscene and when pressing start after setting all AI levels to six.


The alarm that sounds after "launching action", from the old version.


  • Even though the cutscene is supposed to show the place before the incident, Noo-Noo has a set of teeth and the possessed eyes already, this could be explained in the cutscene after beating 8/20 mode in the third game's custom night.

There isn't much on the incident in Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game, but there is a secret minigame that loads when clicking the head of PTLD-93 which pops up and down right after you load the title screen. At the start, you play as PTLD-93, with the words 'Find an animatronic to do the job.', where you then start walking to the right on plain flat ground, to eventually find the original Po. When you touch her, PTLD-93 jumpscares you and restarts the game. It is likely that this is showing what caused Po to explode the custard machine, as the incident probably is the job, and Po is the animatronic to do it.

On November 11, 2015, the Halloween update was released, in which, instead of PTLD-93, the original Po, jumpscares and restarts the game.



Minigame step-0

The sound when stepping in the minigame.


The sound when going to another screen in the minigame.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream origin po distorted

Po's scream from the minigame.


  • The way Po restarts the game is similar to Nightmare from Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
  • Fixed Po's minigame scream is a distorted version of her's scream.
  • The frame for the minigame is named "1988", possibly the year the minigame event took place.
    • The words that appear in the start of the minigame is named "causetheexplosion"
      • The Po sprite is named "youwill", possibly combining with "causetheexplosion" to make "you will cause the explosion"
    • The PTLD-93 sprite is named "hispuppet", possibly referencing that he is used by Employee #6.