Instruction manual text

The Instruction Manual is a mechanic and helping tool in Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game. It is found by clicking "Instruction Manual" under the shoutouts.


It is a nine page manual, with two arrow buttons in the bottom corners to flip a page forward or backward, and the title of what it is explaining at the top left corner and the explanation below it. In some of the pages, there is a character partly shown at the bottom.


There are nine pages of the manual, most explaining a character or an important mechanic, with the page on Prototype Tinky Winky and the Original being "Classified", not showing any info on them. The page on Prototype Po and Noo-Noo both have a button to play the sound that is heard when they are at an entrance of the office.



Noonoo steps

The sound for the Noo-Noo page.

PT Po at middle hall

The sound for the Prototype Po page.


  • The textures for the characters are in the same pose as the full body line up from Critolious's DeviantArt, however they appear to have smoother and brighter colours as well as a more blurry texture.