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Laa-Laa new custom night icon
Gender Female
Species Yellow tubbybot
Occupation Former entertainer
Starting area Performance Stage

Laa-Laa is an antagonist in Five Nights at Tubbyland.


Laa-Laa is a yellow tubbybot with a missing head, revealing her endoskeleton. She also has a single long tear along her body. Laa-Laa's mask is gone due to the Custard Machine Explosion Incident.

Laa-laa new incident transparent

Laa-Laa in her original state.


Laa-Laa starts at the Performance Stage, then proceeds to move to the Party Area, the Party Hall, the Repair Room, the Repair Hall, and the first Dining Room, (her AI is randomized) until she reaches the Left Door. She moves to certain areas faster as the nights increase. If the left door is open when she's at the left door camera, the next time she moves she will then jumpscare the player. She can teleport around the restaurant, making it harder to find her when she moves. She can go straight through the Left Door from the Repair Hall, so it is recommended to close the door when she is there to be safe.

Download (1)

Original Laa-Laa.


  • The creator, Critolious, said that Laa-Laa's unedited scream originated from a train.
  • Laa-Laa is one of the two characters who had the least amount of changes from the demo to the full game, the other being Tinky Winky.
  • There is a bug, that if the player is looking at Laa-Laa through the camera at the left door, then she will not be able to attack, even if the door is open, and she will eventually move to another room.
  • Laa-Laa and all of her counterparts are the only tubbybots who can kill you in all games.
  • She is the character Critolious finds to be the scariest, panicking when he sees her in the Left Door.
  • Laa-Laa twitching at the Dining Room 1 was removed in the Christmas revamp, the reason for this is unknown.
  • There is also another glitch, whether Laa-Laa is not at your left door, she still can attack you, even in another camera. This requires Laa-Laa to enter the left door cam and be stopped once.
    • This is most likely related to the timing of Laa-Laa entering the door.

Laa-Laa V2
Laalaa mugshot
Gender Female
Species Upgraded Tubbybot
Occupation Entertainer
Starting area Tubby Stage

Laa-Laa is an antagonist in Five Nights at Tubbyland 2.


Laa-Laa is a yellow tubbybot with a very different appearance from the original Laa-Laa animatronic. The eyes seemingly turn on or off in some cameras. While moving, she makes moaning noises. When Laa-Laa gets into the office, her eyes have small, pin-pricked white pupils. Like the other repaired tubbybots, she has a lower jaw completely separate from the upper head.


Laa-Laa starts on the Tubby Stage with Po 2.0. She will then leave to go to the Tubby Toilets, the Party Room, Dipsy's Arcade, or the Tubby Hall. When in the Tubby Hall there is a chance of Laa-Laa going in your office. If not fended off with the smoke machine quick enough, Laa-Laa will soon end up killing the player. Compared to the others, she appears more often but gives more time for the player to put up the smoke defense. If fended off, she will return to the Tubby Toilets.


  • Laa-Laa's character is female, however in the Tubby Toilets camera she is in the males restroom. This may be a reference to Freddy in the female restroom in Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Like Po 2.0, her endoskeleton teeth appear and dissappear, only appearing when she is looking into the party room camera, wether she has her mouth open or not.
  • Laa-Laa and all of her counterparts are the only tubbybots who can kill you in all games.
  • If the player clicks on Laa-Laa in the Custom Night menu, she will say "Twitty let's spittle" in a text-to-speech voice.
  • Unlike Po 2.0 and Dipsy, Laa-Laa is able to kill the player without requiring the player to pull up the monitor first.

Prototype Laa-Laa
Proto laa-laa
Gender Female
Species Prototype tubbybot
Occupation Decomissioned
Starting area Supply Closet

Prototype Laa-Laa is an antagonist in Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game.


Prototype Laa-Laa is a yellow tubbybot with a swirly head decoration, and has an upper jaw resemblant of a bloodhound, she is missing her lower bottom of her body suit and is missing suit on both of her legs, both forearms, left shoulder and hand, and right foot. She also has a few large holes on her chest. As stated in the trailer, Prototype Laa-Laa is a rejected prototype.


Prototype Laa-Laa will start off in the Supply Closet. She starts out standing in the room, looking downward. She will then stand up straight, open her mouth wide, and stare at the camera. Looking at her in the Supply Closet using the camera will delay her movement, but if the player fails to view her enough, she will attack. If the player looks at the Main Hallway camera as she leaves the Supply Closet, they will see an animation of her running down the hallway towards the office, before having the camera go to static. If the player notices either of these things, or hears her running from the office, the front door must be shut immediately. Failure to do this will result in Prototype Laa-Laa's jumpscare and a game over. If the door is closed, she will bang on the door and return to her starting position in the Supply Closet, and disable the monitor, requiring the player to click on a button to use the cameras again.


  • As of leaked from TinyTheMelon, all prototypes were made before the creation of the animatronics in FNaTL.
  • While it's true that the prototype animatronics look like the upgraded tubbybots, they are not and should not be confused with them.
  • Her mechanic is extremely similar to Foxy's from Five Nights at Freddy's, even down to not moving when being watched. The difference is that she can only move a certain amount of time after being watched, while Foxy is just slowed down from watching. She also does not drain power when banging on the door, as that's what the Original does.
  • In her jumpscare, it appears she comes from the right door instead of the main hall door.
  • Prototype Laa-Laa and all of her counterparts are one of the only two tubbybots who can kill you in all games.
  • It appears that Prototype Laa-Laa was able to disable the camera in the beta version of the game, but it was scrapped in the full version. Four frames of the animation were left in the game files.
  • There appears to be a visual glitch where Prototype Laa-Laa will appear to be in her starting stage, but she is actually in a later stage, making her run earlier than it seems she should.

Beta laa-laa thing
Gender Female
Species Yellow Tubbybot
Occupation Former Entertainer
Starting area Performance Stage

Laa-Laa is an antagonist in the demo of Five Nights at Tubbyland.


Beta Laa-Laa has a similar appearance to Laa-Laa from the first game, with the same damage to her suit, except she has all of her suit parts joined together, as well as her endoskeleton head not having the middle part popping out more, taking a somewhat rectangular design.


Beta Laa-Laa is identical to full game Laa-Laa, as she goes through the cameras randomly until she appears at the Left Door, at which the door must be closed to keep her out. The one difference between their behaviors is that only in the full game Laa-Laa twitches her head after Night 5 in the Dining Room 1, but that may be because the demo only goes to Night 2.


  • There were two scrapped files that were leaked by Critolious showing Laa-Laa and Dipsy from the demo standing in the doorway, which showed that there was originally going to be a door light, but was replaced by the Left Door camera to add more originality.
  • Laa-Laa apparently cannot appear with only Tinky Winky in the Dining Room 1 and with only Dipsy in the Party Hall as there is no texture for those two instances.



FNaTL 3 : The End Game



Leftdoor steps2

The sound when Laa-Laa goes to the Left Door.

Laalaa door01

The sound Laa-Laa makes when she's at the door.

Xscream yellow

Laa-Laa's scream. WARNING : LOUD

Xscream yellow plush

The Laa-Laa plush's scream. WARNING : LOUD


Breath dying 1

A sound that plays when Laa-Laa moves.

Breath dying 2

A sound that plays when Laa-Laa moves.

Breath dying 3

A sound that plays when Laa-Laa moves.


The lights flickering when Laa-Laa is in the office.


The sound when a tubbybot enters the office.


Alternate version.

Xscream laalaa

Laa-Laa's scream. WARNING : LOUD


The sound when clicking on Laa-Laa in the Custom Night menu. "Twitty let's spittle"


The noise made when a tubbybot jumpscares you on the Nightmare Night.

FNaTL 3 : The End Game

Laalaa pre run

The sound when viewing Prototype Laa-Laa as she disables the camera. WARNING : LOUD


The sound when Prototype Laa-Laa is running.

Laalaa runscream3

The sound when viewing Prototype Laa-Laa as she runs.


The sound of Prototype Laa-Laa knocking on the door.

Xscream re laalaa

Prototype Laa-Laa's scream. WARNING : LOUD

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