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Night 1 a
Night 1 is the first playable night of Five Nights at Tubbyland. The only active animatronics to deal with on this night are Tinky Winky, Po, and Laa-Laa, and they move extremely slow. This night is the easiest out of all the nights, because this night is meant to get the player acquainted with the main mechanics of the game, such as winding the Music Box and checking the Left Door camera frequently.

Phone Call

Night1Call redone
"Oh, uh, hey, so, uh, you're the security guard until we open up in a couple weeks I suppose. Well I'm supposed to give you some advice on what your role will be as the night watchman here at Tubbyland Entertainment. Um, let's see, we had an actual guard before you, that informed us in what you should be expecting during your week. Though according to what we know, he likely had it a lot more easier than you will, because, uh, *clears throat* you see, the animatronics were turned back on about, two weeks ago and they have become more and more active over time, as their systems awaken from years of being in a sort of, sleep mode I suppose, so you can expect to see them becoming more and more active as the week progresses, though from a third point of view, you shouldn't really be in any danger, no no, not at all, though if the animatronics see you at this hour, they probably wouldn't be able to properly identify who or what you are, um, so in theory let's say that they find you, and they saw your face resembling Tubby Toast, it would try to... well... put you in the toaster but th-that's all in theory of course, and I doubt that would happen, well anyways, onto the animatronics, there is a red animatronic in the Repair Room named Po, sent with the other purple one there, Tinky Winky, and over to the left of your camera view there, you will find a device that will wind the music box, which we found will keep Po from moving around, we aren't exactly sure why it keeps Po away, but w-we found it best not to question, and as for the Tinky animatronic in there you should just watch him on the cameras if you want him to stay away. Y-y-you see, there was a bit of an incident a few years back, when the attraction was still flowing with life, that involved the, explosion of a custard machine. The engineers at the place said that it was likely due to a flammable chemical used to function the custard machine, or something like that. I-it'd be us bad, say, if it was all rigged, most of the animatronics are just a pale shadow of what they used to be, kinda creepy if you ask me, and since then the company has been struggling. It's really tragic what happened to Po, really. She was always my favorite when I started working here. It's amazing how they could hire so easily. The pay is great. And now, I've made up my loan to get myself into a good ca- Oh, *clears throat* Um, sorry, nevermind all that, I kind of got a little carried away. Anyways, back onto the animatronics. Tinky Winky should stop moving when watched on the cameras, due to a malfunction in his ear amplifying the faint sounds given off by the camera to be much louder than it should be. Hell, it could even cause a complete system restart, making him stop in his tracks. As for Laa-Laa, her systems are in surprisingly good condition for someone without a head, so you might just want to close the door on your left if you see her in your left door cam. Um, we haven't been really been able to install a door on your right side though, due to budget cuts, but I'm sure it won't be that much of a problem. The only ones that really come from that side are Tinky Winky and Po, which you shouldn't have too much of a problem keeping at bay. Oh, and as for Dipsy, he still seems to be in a sleep mode, we are working on trying to get him to start start moving so that might take us a few days. Well, I think that's it, use your camera, keep the music box wound up, check the door here and there yadda yadda you get the idea, good night and good luck!"
-Employee #3, Night 1


This night should be fairly easy as Dipsy isn't active, and all the tubbybots are very slow. The player should wind up Po's music box in the Repair Room by holding down space on the keyboard when viewing that camera. If a movement cue can be heard in the cameras, the player should quickly check the Left Door camera and the Repair Hall. If Laa-Laa is on either camera, they should close the door. As for Tinky Winky, the fact that the player will pass the majority of their time on the Repair Room camera winding the music box will repel him by itself.


  • The custard machine explosion Phone Guy mentions is an incident seen after beating the hardest modes in the first and second game.

Night 1 b

Night 1 is the first night of Five Nights at Tubbyland 2. Most animatronics are active, albeit very slow, with the exception of Tinky Winky who is not active at all. This night is the easiest, to help the player settle in and get used to the mechanics of the game.

Phone Call

Phonecall night1
"Oh, hello there! So welcome to your new job here at Tubbyland Entertainment! I'll be your guide during your week here! Let me briefly mention that the original tubbybots have been remodeled with the exception of the complete replacement of the original Po animatronic. That being said, I have some advice for what you will have to do. First off let me just emphasize that despite the bad image of this place, there aren't any real dangers, there have been no recorded fatalities in the few weeks the attraction was open, despite what was said. The thing is though, the one thing the rumors have right is that the animatronics do in fact move around during the night. Though, one of your main priorities as the nightguard will be to keep the animatronics out of your office. I'll explain why tomorrow, but for now let me tell you how to perform your tasks. First off, there is a button on the left wall of your office, which activates a smoke machine. The smoke is perfectly harmless and easy to obtain, so don't worry about running out, or suffocating. Your main use of this machine is to blind certain animatronics, preventing them from seeing you, so if they manage to get into your office quickly turn on the machine before they can scan you. Seems pretty simple, right? Well the problem is, it doesn't affect everyone. You see, the characters, Tinky Winky, the purple one, as well as Noo-Noo, the vacuum cleaner, have advanced navigation for if the events of a fire, they would be able to escort customers out, though this is rather unfortunate for it being your main line of defense, so if you're going to keep the purple one away, just look at him on your security tablet from time to time, we aren't sure why this affects him, but we don't question. As for Noo-Noo, he only really moves at random when he decides he should do some cleaning, you can tell when this happens when you can hear his joyful music box, in the room Noo-Noo is contained, you can emit a radio transmission, that will attempt to cancel his actions if done quick enough. Well that's about it... OH, OH, WAIT, I almost forgot, uh, there is the original Po model in the spare room, due to her being blind, uh, the smoke obviously wouldn't affect her, so if she appears, then just don't do anything. You-you, don't want her to hear you. Okay, well that's officially all for tonight. Good luck."
-Phone Guy 2, Night 1


This night shouldn't give the player too much trouble. Laa-Laa is the main threat here, as she moves very often and can appear up to once an hour even at this point. If she pulls down the monitor, use the smoke to get rid of her. Do the same for Po 2.0 and as for Dipsy, make sure you hear the sound cues if he enters the room, as he doesn't pull down the monitor when he enters. Tinky Winky and Noo-Noo are barely active at all and Old Po isn't a threat as long as you keep the cameras up unless a tubbybot enters. If this happens, it will take her place, and she will be reset to her starting position without actually affecting you.

Night 1 c

Night 1 is the first night of Five Nights at Tubbyland 3 : The End Game. This night is the easiest, meant to ease the player into the many mechanics of the game. Only Po, Prototype Dipsy, Prototype Po, Decimated, Prototype Tinky Winky, Prototype Laa-Laa, and Noo-Noo seem to be active here, but they are very slow. The Original is not active at all.

Phone Call

Phonecall3 night 1x

"Uh, hello? Um, hey! So, according to what I've been told, you're the one guy we hired to guard the warehouse. Um, it's been a while since I've done this, but I will be explaining to you what you will be doing, so just bear with me. So to start off, I should say how the power in the building is really, faulty, uh, you will probably need to manually recharge your power every once in a while. Though, when recharging, you can't use your laptop or cameras, uh, but your doors will remain closed. Oh, uh, wait, on the topic of the laptop actually, I should probably explain how it works, so your laptop will be your main line of defense, um, you can click on the text labeled on the top there to close the individual doors, which you have three of, um, you can also toggle the heating of the building to overheat anything that tries to come in through the vent on your ceiling. Though, I need to make it clear that you shouldn't keep the heating on for too long. You see, the purple prototype, Tinky Winky, will probably assume that there is a fire when the heating is on that high and start to come out. Though, we aren't actually sure where he is, you probably don't wanna take any chances now, do ya? Um, now, onto your camera system, you should use it to ensure the locations of the animatronics. The yellow prototype, Laa-Laa, will actually start moving when you aren't looking at her so it's best to keep an eye on her. Um, also, the thing about the red prototype Po model, if you see her at the middle hall camera you should quickly lock her out. Um, as for the others, it's best to shine your light at the doors and vent on the ceiling when you hear something. Well, that's just about it for the night, just remember what I told you, uh, recharge your power every once in a while, use your doors, and shine your light! You get the idea, it really isn't that much of a hard concept. Uh, call you tomorrow!"

-Phone Guy 2, Night 1


This night isn't too bad. The player should quickly note Prototype Laa-Laa's location, as watching her will slow her down and prevent her from running at the office through the center door. If she leaves, quickly close that specific door. You can also keep it closed for the entire night, but be aware of your power level and charge it when you have the time. It is important to check all the doors, even if it is the first night as Prototype Dipsy and Old Po are active on this night. It is also worth noting that if either of them enters the vent, an audio cue will be heard. If that's the case, turn on the heater. Don't take a chance and once they leave, turn it off as Prototype Tinky Winky will become a major threat later on.


After every night, you get to listen to a cutscene. As you listen, short phrases like 'Are you still there?', 'You did this', and 'Leave now' pop up on the screen for split seconds. The two voices are the phone guy from the first game and an unknown CEO character. The CEO is voiced by Critolious.

Cutscene phoneguy 3

Employee #3.

Cutscene ceo 4


Cutscene phoneguy 4

Employee #3.

Cutscene ceo 5


Cutscene phoneguy 5

Employee #3.

Cutscene ceo 6


Cutscene phoneguy 6

Employee #3.

Cutscene ceo 7


Cutscene phoneguy 7

Employee #3.

Cutscene ceo 8


Cutscene phoneguy 8

Employee #3.

PG:"I, uh, finished the call, shouldn't I have said more?"

CEO:"What more could you say?"

E#3:"Well... you know what happened to the last guy."

CEO:"We have learned from our mistakes."

E#3:"Um, I should probably be going."

CEO:"One thing first. First thing tomorrow, we're going to start the search."

E#3:"For what?"

CEO:"The old... vacuum cleaner, I guess you could call it?"

E#3:"The Noo-Noo?"

CEO:"I guess that's one name for it. Now, go to bed, you're going to need the rest."

E#3:"Uh, n- Yes, sir."

Night 1 a
Night 1 is the first night of the demo of Five Nights at Tubbyland. This night is the easiest, as it is meant to ease the player into the game. All animatronics except Dipsy are active, albeit being very slow.

Phone Call

Night1Call (2)
"Um, hello? Well, if you're hearing this, then you're probably the guard for until we're able to open up. In a few weeks, or until... Anyways, never mind that, I'm supposed to give you some tips, on what you will have to be doing, according to the previous guard. First off, we rigged a couple devices into your security tablet which will, assist if the animatronics became active. Um, we turned their systems back on when we purchased the place, to prevent any further deterioration. Then again, they weren't in good condition in the first place when the explosion that ran the place in the ground. Yeah, it's strange that something as simple as a custard machine malfunction could cause so much damage. Anyways, in case you haven't found out by now, there's a wind up music box over in the Repair Room camera feed. It's mainly for the Po animatronic over there against the wall, and from what I've heard, it can't see due to the accident. But it can, still hear, fortunately. We aren't sure why's- it is calmed by music, but we try not to question, anyways there's also a Tinky Winky animatronic in the same room that has a broken right ear. It causes a certain sound to be received as much higher volume than usual, which we found out must be pretty bad due to it causing a complete system reboot. Unfortunately for you, the sounds emitted by a camera in use are just right frequency to cause that. So, simply watching him on the cameras should cause a reboot. Though, unlike the animatronics Dipsy and Laa-Laa, both him and Po come from the right of your office, which, currently, lacks a door. Like I said though, Dipsy and Laa-Laa come from the left side as we found which can be closed to push of a button. Simple enough. Though, careful not to use up your power supply in doing so, also it's pretty dark there so you will likely have to use the left door cam every once in a while. Just, to make sure, nothing, or no one is there. You know. Basics. Well, I think that's all for tonight. You should be perfectly fine, I think honestly think nothing bad will happen to you. And, I wish you a good night."

-Employee #3, FNaTL 1 demo, Night 1

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