Night 5 a

Night 5 is the fifth night of Five Nights at Tubbyland, and is the final night of the main game. Compared to the previous nights, this night is extremely difficult, as all the animatronics become extremely active and the music box winds down faster than ever. Employee #3 is also killed by Noo-Noo on this night.

Phone Call

Night5Call redone
Wow, okay, You need to listen. Things are getting pretty crazy around here if I do say so myself. The Noo-Noo has been giving me some real serious creeps man. Oh wait! I didn't tell you. We found him! Yep. He's right... he must be in better condition than we thought. *Noo-Noo music box* Wait! Where is he?! OH SH- *Noo-Noo scream*

Employee #3, Night 5


On this night, Dipsy should be repelled by using the fumes about every 15 seconds, since he starts to become faster. This will slow him down enough. As for Tinky Winky, he may be a threat from now on due to leaving the Repair Room to the Party Hall instantly. If he leaves the Repair Room, make sure you know where he is to watch him. Laa-Laa acts like usual.


Fnatl cheque 1

The paycheck.

Paycheck 1

The paycheck without any background.

After beating the night, you get a cheque paying $248 to Parker Anderson from Tubbyland Entertainment on the date of November 13 on an unknown year. The memo says "Valued Tubbyland guard". On the top the text says "Good job, Sport!" and the bottom text, very small, says "Now get a real job...".

Rewarding musicbox

The music that plays while the paycheque is shown.

Night 5 b

Night 5 is the fifth night of Five Nights at Tubbyland 2, and is the final night of the main game. This is one of the hardest nights, as all six animatronics get even faster than before.

Phone Call

The phone call here gets cut off at the middle by garble that can be understood better when reversed. During the reversed segment Employee #3 describes how his body was chopped up by Noo-Noo, and how he now posseses the V2s. It ends with a Noo-Noo scream.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Phonecall night5-0

The original phone call.

Uh, hey, uh, last day on the job I suppose. Uh, well that is unless you go with some overtime, but that's your choice. Anyways, this night will likely be a lot more difficult than your previous ones. Though you shouldn't wo-" *cut off by static*

— Phone Guy 2, Night 5

Rip phonetomy

The garble at the end of the call.

Corpse Garble

A more cleared up version of the distorted portion of the call.

I'm still here. The messenger. The one from the.. previous place. The vacuum cleaner, it stole my body, it terrored me. A part I now lay in here. Rotting, despised by myself. My actions eat me up every second, of every hour, of every day. Release me from my current impairment, if you can. Don't worry though. I haunt them. Yes. The new ones. Not specifically new, more like, renovated. I'm coming for you! I think there's enough space in here, for two.

— Employee 3, Night 5


Tinky Winky is the main threat, as he is extremely active and may cut the power after 10 seconds of not being watched. Dipsy is also very dangerous, as he doesn't pull the monitor down and gives less time than Laa-Laa to react, as well as appearing much more frequently. If Po 2.0 appears, make sure you can use the smoke very quickly as she gives almost no time to react, requiring great reaction time. Noo-Noo may also attack at a bad time, so be quick.



The pay cheque.

Paycheck 1b

The pay cheque without any background.

After beating the night, you get a paycheck paying $526 to Evan Jameson from Tubbyland Entertainment on the date of November 13 on an unknown year. The memo says "Valued guard of Tubbyland". On the top the text says "GOOD JOB, SPORT!" and the bottom text says "SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!"


The music that plays while the paycheck is shown.

Night 5 c

Night 5 is the fifth night of Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game. This is the final and hardest night of the main game, as all eight animatronics are even faster than before.

Phone Call

The phone call is very glitchy this night, with many random screams, static, distortion, and noises in the background.

Phonecall3 night5
Hey, it's good to see you here! Um, I won't be talking long this time, uh, the company phone seems to be really faulted around the guard's fifth night for some reason. I'm not even entirely sure you can hear me right now, but I want to let you know that I saw your file, and it sure is something! Says here, you used to work at the very first location as a mechanic. As well as the second location. Your file also says a bunch of other not so important things about being a part time bartender or something. Anyways I should be going, uh, the phone must really be malfunctioning by now. Um, good luck on your last day on the job, and uh, I hope to see you tomo-

— Phone Guy 2, Night 5


All the tubbybots are very active on this night, requiring you to pay close attention to important audio cues to find out what to do next. Recharge your power at every possible moment, watch Prototype Laa-Laa, or Prototype Po if her laugh is heard in the office, until she leaves. Listen closely to footsteps to detect if a tubbybot is near. If Prototype Dipsy or Po enters the vent, wait for the audio cue to finish playing THEN turn on the heater, and turn off the heater once you hear them leave. This makes sure Prototype Tinky Winky does not appear. If someone is at the left door and you hear heavy running footsteps, open the door just long enough for the Original to enter. Remember to close a door only if absolutely necessary, as every bit of power is precious.


Fnatl 3 paycheck

The notice.


The notice without any background.

After completing the night, you get a notice saying:

"Employee #6,

We are thankful for your work here

and wish you a good day, you can

choose to work overtime for some

extra cash but for now we enjoyed

your service.


The CEO of Tubbyland Innovations

Your paycheck will be mailed within

the next 48 hours"

After a while, Po will jumpscare the player.

Musicbox jolly3

The music played during the mini cutscene.