Tinky Winky
Tinky new custom night icon
Gender Male
Species Purple tubbybot
Occupation Former entertainer
Starting area Repair Room

Tinky Winky is an antagonist in Five Nights at Tubbyland.


Tinky Winky is a purple tubbybot, but he is in a very tattered state. Tinky is missing his right leg, right ear, and left leg from the knee down. Additionally, his left eye is broken/malfunctioning, his right forearm endoskeleton is exposed, and his triangle "head decoration" has been torn off. His endoskeleton teeth happens to be clipping through his jaw.

Tinky winky new incident transparent

Tinky Winky in his original state.

Original tinky

Original Tinky Winky


Tinky Winky starts in the Repair Room. Tinky Winky will continue to move to the Party Hall if not watched enough, and will proceed to the Party Area, the first Dining Room, the Kitchen, and the second Dining Room before entering through the right doorway. When inside, Tinky will stare at the player while mounted on the edge of the desk, and when the camera is next pulled up and put down Tinky will immediately jumpscare the player. Tinky Winky can only be stopped by being viewed on camera due to his sensitive hearing, and him being extremely sensitive to the sound of a camera activating, watching him can slow or postpone his movement around the restaurant.


  • Originally, Tinky Winky was going to have his triangle head decoration from the TV show, but it was so hard to complete that it was scrapped later on.
  • Tinky Winky is one of the two with the least changes from the demo to the full game, the other being Laa-Laa.
  • Tinky Winky's behavior is actually inspired by Freddy Fazbear. This is confirmed in a Steam Chat with Critolious.
  • His unedited scream seems to be a man screaming in fear.
  • He is the only tubbybot to not have legs.
  • On very high levels, he appears to move forward one room as soon as the night starts.

Tinky Winky V2 texy
Tinky v2 mugshot
Gender Male
Species Upgraded Tubbybot
Occupation Entertainer
Starting area Room of stories

Tinky Winky is the newer model of Tinky Winky and an antagonist in Five Nights at Tubbyland 2. He isn't a hallucination, but he won't jumpscare you like the other upgraded tubbybots.


Tinky Winky is purple tubbybot with a triangle decoration, unlike his counterpart, which was missing it. He can turn his eyes to become veiny without irises. This also happens with the other upgraded tubbybots.


Tinky Winky remains inactive until Night 3. Tinky Winky starts in the Room Of Stories. If he's not watched for an amount of time, he will get off the chair. If he's not viewed enough after that, then he will head to the office and emit a goofy laughter. He'll shut off the power for an amount of time, flash his eyes in the dark as the power is out, and after that, it'll re-activate. This can be very dangerous, as Noo-Noo can potentially use the time to start to go attack you or another upgraded tubbybot can appear and attack you once the power's back.

As of the Thanksgiving update, he flashes his eyes in the dark similarly to Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's.


  • Tinky Winky can instantly shut off your power if set to 20 on Night 7, but if he's watched carefully, you won't experience it.
  • Unlike the first game, Tinky Winky has legs.
  • In Five Nights at Tubbyland, Dipsy is the one who has no jumpscare, the laughing manner, usually disables the door for the rest of the night, and the attacking from Night 3 and onwards, but in the sequel, Tinky Winky takes his role, but temporarily disables cameras and the smoke machine.
  • Despite acting like Dipsy from the first game, he still moves like Tinky Winky in the first game, due to him being made from the original Tinky Winky.
  • This is the only type of Tinky Winky who has the triangle "decoration" on his head.
  • If the player clicks on Tinky Winky's stomach in the office on the Custom Night, he will make a honking noise.
  • Tinky Winky does not flash his eyes in the dark in the Custom Night only.
  • If the player clicks Tinky Winky in the Custom Night menu, he will say "2spooky100me" in a text-to-speech voice.
  • He is the only counterpart of Tinky Winky not to have a jumpscare.
  • Tinky Winky is able to move once if not watched at all towards the end of Night 2. On Night 1, he is simply too inactive to move whatsoever.

Prototype Tinky Winky
Proto tinky winky-0
Gender Male
Species Prototype tubbybot
Occupation Decomissioned

Prototype Tinky Winky is a prototype animatronic and one of the nine antagonists in Five Nights at Tubbyland 3: The End Game.


Prototype Tinky Winky is a prototype, and like the other prototypes, he has a jaw separate from his upper head. His upper head suit, however, is gone, leaving his lower jaw and endoskeleton head exposed. The endoskeleton for his right upper arm, and left thigh is exposed, and for the remaining parts of his suit other than his one hand and lower jaw has strange, small, circular holes as if bullets were shot through it. He is missing his left hand. His legs are not seen in-game, but there is missing suit for his left thigh and damage on the rest of his legs.


Prototype Tinky Winky does not appear on the cameras, but if you leave the main heater on too long, he will sense a fire, and pop out of the hole in the office to come and get you. He has three stages, poking his head out of the hole, climbing out of the hole, and attacking. On higher difficulties, he may skip the second stage.


  • As of leaked from TinyTheMelon, all prototypes were made before the creation of the animatronics in Five Nights at Tubbyland.
  • While it's true that the prototype animatronics look somewhat like the V2 animatronics, they are not and should not be confused with them.
  • He seems to inhabit an area under the office, though it is unknown how or why he is there.
  • Although his behavior hasn't been inspired of any character in other fan-games, one of the reasonable connections is to Grunkfuss The Clown from One Night At Flumpty's, as Grunkfuss appears in a hole in the front office wall and comes out every time you raise and lower the camera monitor, and has 20 stages, but in this case, the hole is in the floor, and Pt. Tinky Winky only comes out when the main heater is turned on for a long time, and he has only 2 stages before killing the player.
  • His legs were never seen so nobody could know the state of his legs, until an image of his full body has been released.
  • He is the only prototype to not have a hallucination on Night X.
  • His unedited jumpscare scream seems to be a woman screaming.
  • His old jumpscare was practically the same new jumpscare, but with more frames, giving it a better sense of movement.
  • He, along with Po, are the only animatronics which route was never changed.
  • Prototype Tinky Winky is one of two tubbybots who has a Classified page in the Instruction Manual, the other one being the Original.

Tinky Winky
Beta tinky winky thing
Gender Male
Species Purple Tubbybot
Occupation Former Entertainer
Starting area Repair Room

Tinky Winky is an antagonist in the demo of Five Nights at Tubbyland.


Beta Tinky Winky has a similar appearance to the full game Tinky Winky, missing his legs, right ear, and head decoration, but he does not have any damage on the remaining portions of his suit nor does he have a single section of his left leg.


Tinky Winky from the demo has identical behavior to the full game, except the sound when he is in the Dining Room 2 can be heard from the Office, and he waits in the right doorway for a random amount of time then when you put your monitor up before attacking.


  • Tinky Winky from the demo is even more similar to Mangle than the full game, as he also waits for a random moment to attack rather than attacking the next time the monitor is put up.
  • Tinky Winky's jumpscare from the demo was even more twitchy than in the full game, rather than just moving side-by-side.



FNaTL 3 : The End Game



Tinky draggingacrossfloor2

The sound Tinky Winky makes when changing locations.

Tinky draggingacrossfloor

The sound Tinky Winky makes when changing locations, prior to the revamp.

Tinky blindcam 2

The sound that plays when Tinky Winky is in Dining Room 2.

Tinky inoffice 2

The sound that plays when Tinky Winky is in the office.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream purple

Tinky Winky's scream.

Tinky blindcam 2Plush

The Tinky Winky plush in the Dining Room 2.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream purple plush

The Tinky Winky plush's scream.


Tinky laugh1

First of Tinky Winky's laughs.

Tinky laugh2

Second of Tinky Winky's laughs.

Tinky laugh3

Third of Tinky Winky's laughs.


The sound that plays when Tinky Winky shuts off the power.

Musicbox powerout

The music box that plays in the time the power is out.


The sound when clicking Tinky Winky's stomach on the poster in the office in the Custom Night.


The sound when clicking Tinky Winky on the Custom Night menu.

FNaTL 3 : The End Game

Light flicker3

The lights flickering when Prototype Tinky Winky changes his state.

Heater warning
Warning: This sound file is loud!
Xscream re tinky

Prototype Tinky Winky's Jumpscare.


Tinky draggingacrossfloor-0

Tinky Winky moving.

Tinky blindcam

Tinky Winky in the Dining Room 2.

Tinky inoffice

Tinky Winky in the Office.