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The Tubby Stage is a location in Five Nights at Tubbyland 2. This is the starting location for Po 2.0 and Laa-Laa.


The Tubby Stage is a very plain area, with only a wall at the back. Not much else can be seen.


Po 2.0 and Laa-Laa begin here, with Po on the left and Laa Laa on the right. They will eventually leave, but they cannot come back to the area. Rarely, the two will stare at the player with veiny eyes.


  • The Performance Stage, Repair Room, and the Tubby Stage are the only two areas to hold more than one character at a time.
  • The instance of Po 2.0 and Laa Laa staring at the camera can be seen in the FNaTL2 trailer.
  • Both characters in their regular inactive state appear to have eyes, even in the Nightmare Night, even when either are alone. This is the only instance of characters appearing with eyes in the cameras in the Nightmare Night, excluding unused renders.

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