• AAfitzy88

    This is just for fun, no winners or no losers! I would like to see how creative you guys are with creating Endoskeleton mashups! There are lots, I mean, lots, of combinations of endoskeletons! You could make a spider, a pseudo kind of thing, or anything you want!

    NOTE: Ducker Schlucker approved!

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  • AAfitzy88

    22,000th edit!!!

    December 4, 2015 by AAfitzy88

    OK you guys, I have just made the 22,000th edit on this wiki and got the Lucky Win badge with it! This is the best day of my life! And even better, I am the first person to ever get this badge! I would like to thank everyone on this wiki who helped me out to make this award possible!

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  • AAfitzy88

    Ask the Anti-Dongers!!

    November 21, 2015 by AAfitzy88

    Hi! I'm Ducker Schlucker, and these are my anti donger friends! You can ask us anything that's appropriate because we are that way! Also, we don't talk in capitals because we are not dongers.

    Me and my pals: 

    UPDATE: Please stop asking for more anti dongers, Plz for the sake of Ducker Schlucker and Friends!

    I, however will add more as I go. 

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  • AAfitzy88

    Fnatl 2 roleplay

    October 24, 2015 by AAfitzy88

    Characters: Tinky Winky V2:OPEN Dipsy V2: OPEN Laa-Laa V2:OPEN Po V2: OPEN Noo-Noo: OPEN Old Po: OPEN Evan Jameson: OPEN Phone guy #2: OPEN Tubbyland Voice Trumpet: OPEN

    Rules: No R34. No spamming. PERIOD.

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