January: Tinky Winky

February: Dipsy

March: La La

April: Po

May: Noo-Noo

June: Po 2.0

July: Prototype Tinky Winky

August: Prototype Dipsy

September: Prototype La La

October: Prototype Po

November: The Original

December: Decimated


1: Kissed me

2: Came with me in school

3: Baked me cookies

4: Chased me

5: Got mad at me

6: Cosplayed with me

7: Ate with me

8: Watched TV with me

9: Hided my custards

10: Scared me

11: Sang with me

12: Played games with me

13: Got stuck in elevator with me

14: Phoned me

15: Did my homework

16: Took photo of me

17: Went on vacation with me

18: Pulled pranks with me

19: Played basketball with me

20: Played with my pet

21: Combed my hair

22: Cried with me

23: Became friends with me

24: Became enemies with me

25: Forgived me

26: Made me smile

27: Bought me a gift

28: Chated with me

29: Found my other shoe ( XD )

30: Made me breakfast

31: Collected post-marks with me

How lucky are u?

Here's what i got: La La Ate with me.

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