BBB The Pizza Hat Guy

aka Birthday Boy Blam

  • I live in Flumpty's House of Horrors or something
  • I was born on August 8
  • My occupation is Who knows what I would get one day.
  • I am just boring. Who knows when i make friends in the world of Wikia
  • BBB The Pizza Hat Guy

    While i was wandering around this wiki, i found 2 users by the names of "Old Po" and "Withered Dipsy". 

    Here are the links:

    Old Po:

    Withered Dipsy:

    Thank You.

                                                                                               -Birthday Boy Blam

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  • BBB The Pizza Hat Guy

    I've been bored ever since Flumpty died from his "Great Fall". Until I got to this website using a hidden laptop I hid from Flumpty. I'm alone. My other friends are gone too. I can be a bit insane, but since my friends left, i'm over at my very own "Flumpty's House of Horrors" or whatever it's called. I call it "BBB's Home". I will work on weeks and relax on weekends BUT scedule changes to relax on both weeks and weekends during summer so, if you want to meet me over at my new "home" (message wall) go ahead, i'm not one of those psychopaths anymore. I'm just like a modern adult who goes on the internet. Have any questions? Ask down in the comments. P.S: I would like to meet these people in the pics below (i will identify you by your avatar). …

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