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  • Captain Svetlana's Shadow Bonnie

    I've seen lots of backstories that Mike, Cowhat, and PTLD had made for their OCS.

    So I made one too.

    Alrighty. A small warning.

    This story contains a small bit of blood. some strong language too.

    There's also 2 other OCS in the story, but they aren't FNATL related.

    It was a normal day at Torrent's Funhouse. There was a little boy named Leon. As he watched Torrent, Katrina, and Cassie sing onstage, he enjoyed it. But a while later, he lost interest. Noticing his parents weren't paying attention to him, Leon decided to wander around.

    • 6 AM*
    • People talking*
    • Stage curtains open up*

    Torrent: Welcome to Torrent's Funhouse! I'm Torrent Teletubby, the main star! And here are my friends, Cassie and Katrina!

    Cassie: Hello, kids! I'm Cassie Chameleon!

    Katrina: H…

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  • Captain Svetlana's Shadow Bonnie

    Well, i'm not too popular on this wikia, but i'll do it anyways.

    Ask me stuff.

    Not too personal please.

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  • Captain Svetlana's Shadow Bonnie

    Since I'm an idiot and accidentally put it as an article, not a blog post (cuz I'm new to Wikia and am currently experimenting with the crap here)

    Imma start a FNATL Q&A

    Lel spots are open except Proto Tinky cuz dats me.

    Lel I might draw asks or dares

    (Omg the admin who deleted this probably hates me now XD)

    Comment which spot ya like.

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