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    I keep getting a deleted thread on my notifications, about this wiki not following COPPA

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    Bule: He likes to go crazy, and he also likes Paper Cuts

    Brownie: Bule's brother, and spends his time either giving Bule math questions or hacking stuff

    Max: He likes to run, jump, and eat. he is also quick-tempered

    Rex: Max's older brother, and is quite smart

    Not Yet Finished

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  • Chiselerlikescheese


    November 20, 2015 by Chiselerlikescheese

    Does this image even exist? ever since the beta of FNaTL 3, all people have ignored the existence of this image. i can't test because i don't own the computer that i am using, and no vids have ANY fotage of this, they either have her end at stage 2 or skip the cam being disabled AND the running. so, does this exist?

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  • Chiselerlikescheese

    Logic mistakes

    October 12, 2015 by Chiselerlikescheese

    I have noticed some logic mistakes in FNaTL games

    FNaTL 1

    • Tinky Winky should not move that quickly, he can only crawl.
    • Why cant dipsy kill? he's got hands, so use them! (mentioned by Tuparman)
    • Why does po kill?, she has no eyes, so she cant identify you as tubby toast. (same as before)
    • How does Noo-Noo teleport into the office? is he a hallucination? he looks real in the kitchen. (mentioned by jevron L. freeman)

    • How does tinky winky V2 shut the power off? is he like, connected to the building or something?
    • How does po know that where you are? (just like FNaTL 3)
    • The Tubbyland voice trumpet, how does it leave?
    • How did NO ONE notice or even smell the corpse inside Noo-Noo (mentioned by Pichu 22)
    • In FNaTL 1 Noo-Noo was in the kitchen during the custard …

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