I have noticed some logic mistakes in FNaTL games


  • Tinky Winky should not move that quickly, he can only crawl.
  • Why cant dipsy kill? he's got hands, so use them! (mentioned by Tuparman)
  • Why does po kill?, she has no eyes, so she cant identify you as tubby toast. (same as before)
  • How does Noo-Noo teleport into the office? is he a hallucination? he looks real in the kitchen. (mentioned by jevron L. freeman)


  • How does tinky winky V2 shut the power off? is he like, connected to the building or something?
  • How does po know that where you are? (just like FNaTL 3)
  • The Tubbyland voice trumpet, how does it leave?
  • How did NO ONE notice or even smell the corpse inside Noo-Noo (mentioned by Pichu 22)
  • In FNaTL 1 Noo-Noo was in the kitchen during the custard machine explosion incedent, but in FNaTL 2 he is in the dining room. (mentioned by Bonnie Fan Glitchy)
  • Why does Noo-Noo look the same as he does in FNaTL 2 during the incedent, but he looks different in FNaTL 1? (mentioned by Tuparman)


  • How does proto dipsy enter the vent or even kill employee #6, he has no hands, and his jaw cant bite.
  • i thought po was blind, so how does she find and kill you? is Employee 6 making a lot of noise? and even more in the night 7 cutsence! (night 7 thing mentioned by bonnie fan glitchy)
  • Why cant noo-noo kill in this game?, he has sharp teeth, and blood on his teeth. it makes him look like he killed someone before you. (Mentioned by Tuparman)
  • The Original has sharp teeth, but he clearly does not put them to good use. (he cant kill)
  • Why dont proto dipsy and old po's legs not break when they come out of the vent. a vent THAT high could injure someone. (Mentioned by ChillyFreeze)
  • Proto Laa-Laa's jumpscare comes from the right side of the screen, but she enters though the middle hallway. (mentioned by Pichu 22)

Tell me what i missed