This blog post includes death and other things among those lines, so, uh, yeah you're being warned beforehand.

Employee #3

I never really gave this character an actual name. I sorta mirrored the personality off of my friend Tiny (who also does the voice for Emp.3)

EDIT: I decided to name him Craig

I developed the idea that he worked at the first TL location being his younger brother was no longer allowed to work there for reasons I'll explain once I get to his character.

I imagined that TL-Entertainment is sorta like Publix or something and lets you get a job at a young age. They have no standards and a lot of money.

Employee #3 dies at the age of 17.


The CEO (A.K.A "Mark")

The CEO is a rather unstable person to say the least. He is perfectly aware of the "original functions" of the Noo Noo and has actually used that very function in the past.

He's the reason no one finds out about the corpses within the vacuum chamber.

The CEO dies shortly after the events of FNaTL2 by the hands of Employee #6. (This will be explained in the Emp.6 section)

After the death of the CEO the horrors of the Noo Noo are found out and what remains of the company hides their technology inside the old company warehouse.

Employee #6

Employee #6, also refered to as "Dean" (this is the name I  gave him but never included in the game)

So Dean was only a year younger than his older brother, #3.

He was actually extremely intelligent in his understanding of robotics, especially for someone who was so young at the time.

On his last week working at TL he found out about the killing by the CEO and wanted to avenge the lives taken.

After quitting the job he stole parts from the side of the TL warehouse and created "PTLD-93"

He knew he wouldn't be able to show his face over there, so he used PTLD as a puppet to reprogram the Po animatronic to cause the "Custard Machine Incident".

His sanity was crippling from all the secrets of the CEO that he found out, and when the company managed to recover decades later he set out to kill the CEO with PTLD to avoid leaving much of a trace.

Frustrated that the company was trying to hold onto life in the warehouse he got a job at that very place. He would go onto die on his 7th night, having had multiple nightmares through the week of the CEO and his brother.

Okay it's really late where I am so please correct any grammar mistakes I may have made. Thanks and good night.

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