Crystal Morrow

aka Mimikyu aka Pikachu Deguise.

  • I live in In a abandoned shopping place.
  • My occupation is Trying to get the Mimikyu some attention? IDK
  • I am Hiding
  • Crystal Morrow

    I am bored of this wikia so I won't bother with anything anymore HOWEVER REAL PTLD if you see this blog and reply with a different thing like What the fuck is this blog we can start a war if you want to if you don't don't reply to this blog. No more Kindness in my system anymore so nothing for you to worry about I am a angry a little so I am done with this Robot so I will be left alone. (I am blocked 100% now)

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  • Crystal Morrow


    May 19, 2016 by Crystal Morrow

    BRVR wants to know if you still love him. Yes or No

    This your choice.

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  • Crystal Morrow

    I have faith in you, you can do it, Keep up the good work sport, You suck! You still suck, This is your last chance, I gonna kill you! You still suck! Oh really voices off you say well now you really ****** me off!D***it!Wow what a moron! PREPARE FOR RAINBOW OVERLOAD!

    -Magic Rainbow

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  • Crystal Morrow


    May 14, 2016 by Crystal Morrow

    ... Nothing... My prey... Don't worry what... Will happen I won't... Hurt you I will... KILL you... (Creepy laugh and smile)


    My hopes and dreams Crushed anyways hi long time no see don't worry You are okay I have been inactive for 1 reason to do stuff Yeah Epic stuff and I have been busy with school *sigh* I will not be here on any Wikias for 1 week I will be visiting my cousin before they go to the Philadelphiapeins so don't worry you will get peace and quiet for a entire week so hope you have fun without me ;)

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  • Crystal Morrow

    Help with email

    April 23, 2016 by Crystal Morrow

    Leave me alone

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