Dark and Light soul (and idiot...)

aka Dark and Light....

  • I live in In the dark place...
  • I was born on October 19
  • Dark and Light soul (and idiot...)

    It was a normal day ... those who were working in tubbyland ... never came back ... but ... one girl 11 years decided that there would go to work ... but it was a mistake ... one night Tinky Winky survived ...heardilled her in four hours and there she lay on the floor dead ... Noo Noo went to clean up the blood that flowed from the body of a dead girl ... and ended up in his body ... but after 5 years. ..

    Noo Noo:* Wanders around the house but then stops and starts to twitch, his body begins to crack *

    ???:* Grabs for a hole in Noo Noo body and spreads it to pieces on the wall just to see how it comes out Noo Noo gets corpse Noo Noo is destroyed into pieces * ........  * goes into one room, where he takes the ax and waiting in the shadows fo…

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