• Dipsy V2
    Laa-Laa: She's very smart, yet very shy. She's also the leader of the Tubbybots. She humors the guard by going to the Left Door because she'd use the guard's computer to play Left 4 Dead 2. She's very talented with the the Spitter, Smoker, and Jockey. She does have skill with the Tank as well. She and Tinky Winky play together a lot. She likes the fact that she can go to whatever room she feels like during the night. But, she stays away from the Kitchen and Dining Room 2. Dining Room 2 reminds her very strongly of the explosion, of PTLD-93's manipulation of her younger sister. 

    Tinky Winky: He's smart too. Having learned a lot from Dipsy, He knows the ins and out of a lot of stuff. He and Laa-Laa like to try and double team the guard. She …
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