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  • I live in the us
  • I was born on March 8
  • My occupation is making pokemon, playing FNAF, reading fanfic(not kidding), etc.
  • I am male
  • FNAFguy234

    MORE funny captions!

    February 24, 2016 by FNAFguy234


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  • FNAFguy234

    no intro needed.

    10.TRTF: it just feels like FNAF. even if the first TRTF game was crap.

    9.FNAW: who new wario could be scary?

    8.FNATI: even if its unfinished, its still awesome! also, SEQUIL HYPE TRAIN!!!

    7.FNAP: the P stands for pingas. oh boy.

    6.F***BOY: not for kids.

    5.FNACB: spongbob+FNAF=AHHHHH-

    4.UNREAL SHIFT: so purty

    3.FNATL: the best looking!

    2.FNAC: now THIS is a FNAF game!

    1.ONAF: SO MUCH FUN!!!

    whats you're fav?

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  • FNAFguy234

    alright, we all think we know every thing about FNATL. well, while reading this wiki, i stoped to think: who is the ptld-93? we know he made Po do the custard exsplosion. but why?  well, my pals, i think he is..............

    employee #3

    so,the proof: after most minigames, noo-noo jumpscares us. who is in him? employee#3. his ghost also takes over the animatronics, but who the most? Po, the guy who caused the exsplosion. and because PTLD-93 is an animatronic, we can asume he possesed him. there is a lot of evedence that Po is employee #3 favorete teletubby, mainly cause of the plush that he owns. 

    so to sumerise: after employee #3 died, he took control of PTLD-93, then Po, cause he was his favorete. using this new body, he destroyed the custard-t…

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  • FNAFguy234

    funny captions!

    January 8, 2016 by FNAFguy234


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