alright, we all think we know every thing about FNATL. well, while reading this wiki, i stoped to think: who is the ptld-93? we know he made Po do the custard exsplosion. but why?  well, my pals, i think he is..............

employee #3

so,the proof: after most minigames, noo-noo jumpscares us. who is in him? employee#3. his ghost also takes over the animatronics, but who the most? Po, the guy who caused the exsplosion. and because PTLD-93 is an animatronic, we can asume he possesed him. there is a lot of evedence that Po is employee #3 favorete teletubby, mainly cause of the plush that he owns. 

so to sumerise: after employee #3 died, he took control of PTLD-93, then Po, cause he was his favorete. using this new body, he destroyed the custard-thingy. that way, he put the place in bad shape. he also tried to kill the night gard, but fails at doing so. why he did all this is somthing im still trying to figure out.

so there you have it. mysyary solved. done. we dont need no sequle. bye. comment below what you think. so long.
Punctured PTLD-93

PTLD....i mean, employee#3

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