So I went on the Teletubbies wiki and got these transparent images.

Some that I made myself, others that I got off the wiki.

You can also use these for what you want. No credit needed!

Have fun! ;)
Tinky Winky from the show

Tinky Winky

Dipsy from the show


Laa-Laa from the show


Po from the show


The Noo-Noo from the show


Tinky Winky from the show holding his bag

Tinky Winky with his bag

Dipsy from the show wearing his hat

Dipsy with his hat

Laa-Laa from the show carrying her ball

Laa-Laa with her ball

Po from the show riding her cootah

Po with her scooter/cootah

Tubby Custard

Tubby Custard

Tubby Toast

Tubby Toast

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