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  • IlluminatiGamer91

    I'm back!

    October 13, 2016 by IlluminatiGamer91

    I am now 13 years old, meaning I am now unblocked bcause I am of legal age to be on Wikia.

    You guys happy to see me again? :)

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  • IlluminatiGamer91

    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to finally wanted to do a ask me anything! So if you have any non-personal questions, and all that, ask away!

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  • IlluminatiGamer91


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  • IlluminatiGamer91

    This is my first actual fangame for this series, and I have no intentions to release this publicly outside this wiki.

    Now, lets go over the changes and all the ups for this.

    -All of the original code from FNaTL2, so 100% genuine code from Crit himself

    -Much more harder A.I.

    -12 minute night

    -1 night (for now)

    A version 2 of this might come out soon depending on the reception this gets!

    Thank you for sticking with me, and please, enjoy this game!

    PS: not fake ok?

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  • IlluminatiGamer91


    Base Download:

    Update 2:

    Update 3:

    This only includes the new textures from the Thanksgiving update, if there is any missing textures lemme know, this will be updated daily.

    You all are welcome.

    EDIT 1: Update 1: Added the stuff from the Pro Cutscene and a thing from the Custom Night thingy.

    EDIT 2: Update 1 is now live!

    EDIT 3: Update 2: Seperate zip file, but includes all missing content.

    EDIT 4: Update 2 is now live, just click the link below to download it!

    EDIT 5: Update 3: Added the Nigh…

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