So, here's something a friend wrote for me a few years back...

(This was copy/pasted)

Once upon a time there was a Dratini (your favorite!).

The Dratini always drew pictures of whatever he liked.

He also wrote stories with his friends, or sometimes by himself.

He also liked playing scary games (BUT NOT THE SCARY MAZE GAME 2SCARY1000HIM)

The Dratini usually tried making jokes, but they were awful.

He has a preference for sweet tea.

He has four pet Espurr (kitties!) that he loves.

And the Dratini lived happily ever after. :D

(This is actually some stuff about you, with you as the Dratini, since you favorite that dragon typed Pokemon)

Thnx fer Readin buddy! Have a good day!!

Ugh, this was sooooo bad, but thankfully my friend knows it.

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