To celebrate my anniversary for being on this wiki for a full year, I decided to recreate my first ever blog post: the one about the NooNoo plush army.

So let's get to it.

In this world, where humans, animals, and others (i.e. robots) live alike, it is a relatively happy place. But there are bad things, too: war, terrorist attacks, hate, and more. Perhaps one of the smaller threats would also be one of the least expected threats: an army of plush vacuums.

With a round blue body with a black bottom, long trunk, large charming eyes, these plushies of pure cuteness desire to rule the world!

What will they do?

Despite their small size, these powerful toys are more than meets the eye. They will do almost anything to make others play with them, especially if it involves death, hypnotism, or even being swallowed by one (looks can be deceiving, you know).

If you do actually play with them, well, you can join them! Together, you can be kings and queens of the world!

But if that's what you wish...

Just because the NooNoo plushies are strong does not mean they don't have enemies. The No Nos especially hate the army. They will try to suck up the little ones, and, if you've joined, you, too! If you are not a member and wish to help the plush army with the No Nos, call 1113-2001-NOO-PLUSH.

But even if you do that, there's a catch.

As soon as the number has been dialed fully, you with be overrun by NooNoos! If you still don't wanna join, they will try to get you (sh)rekt! If you feel as if you can survive, though, call now. We need the help!

Well, that appears to be it. The NooNoos continue to rise, getting stronger each time. Good luck surviving the army (you're gonna need it)!

Haha, it's been a great year, wikians. I hope this next year is just as fun. :)

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