This is a blog post where I and anyone else can import their own fanarts into this blog. FACT: I am a very good artist. Below this sentence, I will show and tell you some rules


Yes, people can commission me to make fanarts for them. It's just, don't commission me to do some rude or bad fanarts because me and you can obviously get banned (blocked) from the wiki.


People are in fact allowed to make submissions. They are however supposed to be related and referenced to Five Nights at Tubbyland itself.

Adding Photoshops

People aren't supposed to add, submit, or commission photoshops on this blog. If you want to add a photoshop, go on this blog post.

Types of Fanarts your ssupposed to post

  • Fanarts partially or mostly related to Five Nights at Tubbyland.
  • Papercrafts.
  • Sketches (fanart drawn on paper).
  • Fanarts drawn good or bad (no matter what they look like).
  • Pixel Art
  • Fanarts made on a computer or game (Example, Minecraft Pixel Art).


Fanarts made by Me



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