I had made Five Nights at Tubbyland papercrafts just last week! I made almost all the characters of them. I'm still working on the prototype tubbybots however because kinda like Critolious, P.S, Prototype Dispy hates me.

All papercrafts of tubbybots:

  1. Po
  2. Po (FNaTL 2)
  3. Po (FNaTL 3: TEG)
  4. Po V2
  5. Tinky Winky
  6. Tinky Winky V2
  7. Laa-Laa
  8. Laa Laa V2
  9. Dipsy
  10. Dipsy V2
  11. Noo-Noo
  12. Noo-Noo (FNaTL 2)
  13. Noo-Noo (FNaTL 3: TEG)
  14. Tubbyland Voice Trumpet
  15. Decimated (Tubbyland Voice Trumpet: FNaTL 3: TEG)


Papercarft Showcase

Missed one. Note: I spelled it wrong, it was supposed to be Decimated.


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