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  • LollipopWut

    Yeah. Another unrelated update.
    For those who haven't seen the comments last 'UR', my leg is okay now.
    As the kids after each night from FNAF say...
    Also: More news.
    I made my own discord chat. (at this point you all know what Discord is, right?) Cheers, anyone?
    But the question here is...
    Should I give out the invite link?

    Answer in the comments below!


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  • LollipopWut

    Unrelated update

    June 5, 2017 by LollipopWut

    Aside from the fact that I slipped 2 days ago and my leg fucking hurts, (it still fucking hurts at the time of writing this)

    I'm coming back. (No I'm not planning a party or something) And I'm also gonna do weekly blogs.

    Also, how's everyone doing today? Good? Not so good? Share it in the comments below (I sound like a youtuber ffs)

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  • LollipopWut

    Judging by the title, you know what I'm talking about.

    Remember in the end days where everything may be gone?

    Well, the wiki is like that.

    Firstly, the whole FNATL series has come to a close, secondly, no one really goes to chat or edits amymore, and thirdly (my opinion), aside from roleplaying, the wiki isn't used for anything as of now.

    I don't know what's going to happen to this wiki soon, but this wiki is dead. For now, I guess.

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  • LollipopWut


    November 28, 2015 by LollipopWut

    I think that the reason why Noo-Noo is now a silhouette in the Thankgiving 6/20 mode minigame of FNATL 2 is that he was out of order at the time. This might be a reason, i don't know for some reason.

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  • LollipopWut

    Who is your favorite?

    September 17, 2015 by LollipopWut

    Who is your favorite character? Noo-Noo Po PTLD-93 The Original

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