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  • MikeSulpher

    - This is part two -

    • You killed Pig, you killed someone I liked and cared about. I'm going to kill you, I will avenge Cowhat and Pig!

    You start running for your life, trying to get away from her. She chases after you, while throwing her spear at you. You run into the bushes, but she continues to throw. However, none of them has hitten you.

    She walks into the bushes, but she can't find you.

    She walks away.

    You Escaped... You little monster.

    You keep walking forward, before getting out of the bushes and True walks out with you.

    • Dude, that was so cool! Did you see how she looked at you? That was... awesome! Oh my god!

    He gets excited before running off.

    You continue to walk, before seeing Mike. You walk over to him and he says

    • Alright, I'm going to hi…
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  • MikeSulpher

    Before I say anything.

    Cassie is now Asriel AND Flowey.

    • A r e  y o u  s u r e  a b o u t  t h i s ?
    • O k a y . . .

    A human falls down here...

    Their name is..???.

    Let the journey begin...

    After walking, they find a Cassy on the ground.

    • Hi! I'm Cassy! Cassy The Flower! You're new to the wikiground aren'tcha? You must be so confused, but don't worry. 'Lil old me with teach you on how it works around here.

    Blah, Blah, Blah.... you've already heard this before, so you decide to just fall for his trap again and have some fun.

    • Y O U  I D I O T ! I N  T H I S  W O R L D ,  I T ' S  S L A Y  O R  B E  S L A Y E D ! W H Y  D O  Y O U  T H I N K P E O P L E  D O N ' T  C O M E  D O W N  H E R E ?

    Ruse becomes surrounded by little red bullets.

    • DIE...

    He starts laug…

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  • MikeSulpher



    Ruse follows him into the room.

    ( Your journey is almost over... You should be happy. All of this fills you with... Determination!)

    "... Child. It was nice to meet you... Now, please. Kill me..." He said, looking down.


    Someone stops the attack

    "What a mean and horrible creature torturing such a poor innocent youth. DO not worry, it is i. Cowhat! Your friend!" He said

    "Cowhat? You're back?" Tuparman said.

    "Don't talk to me like I'm your friend, Shlonger! I didn't want to be your friend after you have banned six underage kids

    and then killed them and kept their souls! You could've kept one, but you decided to go after six." He said, glaring at him.

    "Im sorry."

    "Sorry, ain…

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  • MikeSulpher

    Ruse then walked out of the place they were eating, while feeling uncomfortable.

    They then enter Crittaton's Hotel Building.

    They go inside the core, but before they do. They call Sketch...

    "U-uh, hello? Oh... you're at the core. Well, nobody should be there. So, you should be good!" They said.

    Ruse then walked inside the Core and then saw two figures

    "Uhh, Sketch. They are people down here." Ruse said.

    "Wha??? How? Oh, be careful then!" They then hung up.

    Crittaton bursts through from a wall... again.

    "My, my! Looks like someone is here! Now, let's see how you can survive this!" He said, pulling out a chainsaw.

    He engages in battle.

    "You can't defeat me, now!" 

    Ruse then tried to distract him and then pointed at nothing and said, "Behind you!"


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  • MikeSulpher

    Crittaton then engages in battle with Ruse!

    "Okay! First question! When did you fall into the wikiground?"

    "A few hours ago?"


    "No! Wrong! You fell in here yesterday! Remember? You fell asleep." Crittaton said, holding his microphone.

    "Second question! What day is April First?"

    "April Fools D-"


    "No! It's the day Underwiki started! I don't know what Underwiki is, but I've heard of it!"

    "Final question! What's nine + ten?"

    "Psh, 21?"

    "Gahhh!!! Stop it witht that stupid meme!!! It's not even funny anymore!! I seriously, do not get people these days!!"

    " Ugh! I'm leaving! This episode was horrible! Good thing it's the pilot episode! The first episode will have more drama,

    more romance, more action, more bloodshed!!! And more TinyThyMelo…

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