Written By: [[User:ThatRandomMike|ThatRandomMike
Same day

Linky is my OC, and is only used if asked permission to. Please, don't use my oc unless if I have told you, that you can, thank you.


This story may contain blood, strong language, mention of suicide, gore, murder, and (possibly) more. If you are triggered by any of these, then I recommend you stop reading.

Linky: H-hello kids, welcome to Linky's Funhouse! My name is Linky, and I wanna make sure everyone has fun! 

Jerek (The Owner): Welcome aboard...

Yellow Man: H-hello.

Jerek: Hello, uh, why are you yellow?

Yellow Man: Born this way.

Jerek: What's your name?

Yellow Man: J-...rather not say.

Jerek: Okay? Well, look just stay here, and use the suits to entertain the kids. I'll give you the signal to come out in the suit, okay?

Yellow Man: Okay.

Jerek: Wait, what the hell?

Jake: Come on, guys let's get him up on stage!

Kevin: Let me go!

Chris: Guys, put him down! Jake, stop being such a jerk to your brother!

Jake: No, he's my brother, and this little pussy, follows my fucking rules!

Chris: W-wait, what are you doing?!

Jake pushes Kevin near the Blink suit.

Kevin: AAGH!

Kevin gets up

Kevin: I'm getting mom for th-

Jake: Oh shit....oh shit, holy fuck.

Kevin falls to the ground

Chris: What the hell did you do?!

Jake: I was just messing with him!

Eric: Holy shit, call 911, or something he isn't moving!

Yellow Man isn't nowhere to be seen.

Jerek: Oh shit, I-i'm ruined for this! Oh fuck, no.

A Few Hours Later

Yellow Man: *grins* seems those kids have killed off a child that was like a son to me, well, I have an idea to bring him back to life...I will put him back together, and we'll be together....F O R E V E R....

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