So this is a Sprite Request Blog!

If you don't know what Sprites are...its this

Now here are the rules: No Sexual OCs. (For example OC's with breasts and such), No god damn multi-headed or shit like that OCs, but hey maybe I'll give em a try.  Please be detailed about your OC's I don't like going back and redoing it all again. Please give me an IMAGE of your OC, if you don't it'll be ignored...HOWEVER if you don't have an image of your OC, then remember...just go into detail. And that's all! DON'T REQUESTS HUGE PACKS OF OC'S Request 3 or 2 at a time, I'm not a robot okay? PLEASE Use the comment button NOT the reply button, seriously your comment won't get noticed if you do that. AND ALSO DO NOT RUSH ME! Your OC MUST be FNATL related not like some other video game.

Request For Sprites Now!

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