Hi guys, it's me. And, this might be the last time I visit the wiki. The reason for this is because I got a really bad mark on this test that I was studying for almost 3 weeks. It was so bad that my father said he was going to disable the wiki for good. If this is the case, then I want to say that I had a fun time with you all. Through all of the good and fun times, to the not-so-good times, it has been a wild ride for me. I'm am going to miss all of my friends. I will miss PTLD, Tup, True, Chilly, Drago, Cassie, Pig, WTB, Crit, and I will miss Mike and Snow the most. So, if my wiki is permanently disabled, then I want to say goodbye to you all. So, yeah. I hope to see you all again, on the chance that I don't lose my wiki. Goodbye everyone.

- Mr.Cowhat77

Edit: I managed to talk my father into letting me keep my wiki account. So, I'm still here :)

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