(The following audio clip is a teaser for my fan game, Five Nights at Hector's or FNaH for short, anyways, let's go...)

(Funhouse music starts playing)

(Hector): Hello children! Welcome to Hector's Funhouse! My name is...I CanT stAnd It...Hector, and these are my friends, Ben, Pe-Pe-Penny, Jennifer, and Stanley! Say hello everyone!

(Ben): Hi kids! I'm...SIcK oF The PAIn...I'm Ben-n-n

(Penny): I'm...GoINg To KIlL YoU...Penny!

(Jennifer): My nam-am-m-m...GEt mE OuT...Jennifer!

(Stanley): And I'm...HeLP...Stanley!

(All): Time to have some fun!!!

(Children cheer)

(9 hours later)

(6:30 PM)

(clock chimes)

(Kids groan)

(Hector): Don't worry, there's always tomorrow!

(Kids cheer)

(Hector): And remember kids!...DonT TRuSt tHE mAn In YElLOw...*static*...Or He'Ll kilL YOu...

*loud scream*
*audio ends*

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