(The following audio recording is for my fan game, Five Nights at Hector's or FNaH for short. So, let's go...)

(Funhouse music starts playing)

(Hector): Hello everyone! And welcome back to *static* HelL *static* to Hector's funhouse! Are you ready to *static* DIE *static* ready to have fun?

(Kids cheer)

(Five minutes of normal sounds)

(Hector and his friends are singing a song)

(Woman screams)

(Woman): FIRE!!!!!!

(Adults and kids scream)


(Dead air for six minutes)


(Man 1): so, this is the place huh?

(Man 2): yep, the old restaurant. Haven't seen this place in years.

(Man 3): it's only been two years ya know.

(Man 2): I know, but it feels like it's been like, ten years.

(Man 4): Okay! Stop your yappen. We gotta get this place back into shape.

(Man 3): by when?

(Man 4): in about, five months.

(Man 1,2,and 3): Only five?!?!

(Man 4): ya, so? What about it?

(Man 2): sir, don't you think that's not enough time?

(Man 4): are you questioning me?

(Man 2): n-no.

(Man 4): good. Now get to work! We can't waste anytime!

(Man 1,2,and 3): yes sir!!


NeVEr TRusT ThE Man iN YElLOw

Or He'lL KIlL Y-

*loud scream*
*end of audio*

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