(Loud static)

(Two minutes of dead air)

(Loud banging)

(Model 12): knock knock.....

(More banging)

(Model): let us in-in-in Nightguard-d

(More banging)

(Penny v2 head): we-we just want to say hi-hi-hi

(All laugh)

(Stanly v2 head): y-y-yeah. That's all

(Jennifer v2 head): so j-just open-n the door

(More knocking)

(Model 12): you can't keep-p us out forever

(More banging)

(The sound of a screwdriver-like noise is heard)

(The sound of the power going out is heard)

(Model 12): *laughs*

(The sound of bones being crushed are heard)

(A loud scream of pain is heard)

(Model 12): goodnight...

(Dead air for 4 minutes)


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