Well, it's uh, it's been a while since I've made a 'happy' blog, but, I was bored, so I decided to make this blog, kinda like a fangame idea or something.

Anyways, yeah. *insert outdated Mario quote here*.

Many years after the fall of Fazbear Entertainment an new company has decided to pick up the trash, and try to make something out of it.

After going back to the past locations, the company found old animatronic and prototypes, all of which are in horrible condition.

You, as the night guard working for this company, has to watch over the storage building, to keep an eye on the animatronics.

Or will they keep an eye on you?


Shattered Freddy

Shattered Freddy is a old build of Freddy Fazbear. He is missing both his hands and his right ear. The cover for his right forearm and lower left leg are missing, and he has completely black eyes.

Shattered Bonnie

Shattered Bonnie is a old build of Bonnie the Bunny. He is missing his right arm, his left hand, and his whole left ear. The cover for his face, and both his feet are missing.

Shattered Chica

Shatterd Chica is a old build of Chica the Chicken. She is missing her hands and her right forearm. The cover for her left forearm, right foot, and lower jaw are missing.

Shattered Foxy

Shattered Foxy is a old build of Foxy the Pirate Fox. He is missing his whole left arm, his right forearm and hook, and his right eye. The cover for his lower jaw, his right ear, and the cover from the waste down is missing.

Shattered Toy Freddy

Shattered Toy Freddy is the old Toy Freddy animatronic, but broken down. He is missing his right hand, his left forearm and hand, and both his lower legs and feet. The cover for his left ear and left upper arm are missing.

Shattered Toy Chica

Shattered Toy Chica is the old Toy Chica animatronics, but broken down. She is missing both her arm and her beak. The cover for her torso and whole right leg are missing.

Shattered Toy Bonnie

Shattered Toy Bonnie is the old Toy Bonnie animatronics, but broken down. He is missing his left leg and both his ears. The cover for his right foot, and his upper right arm are missing.

Shattered Springtrap

Shattered Springtrap is the old SpringBonnie animatronic, salvaged from the burning debre of Fazbears Fright. His right forearm and hand are missing and both his ears are missing. The cover for his lower legs, upper right arm, and upper head are missing. Like all the other animatronics, Springtrap has black eyes.

Shattered Golden Freddy

9 1 13 19 20 9 12 8 5 18 5

I might add the mechanics later. I dunno :P

Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed.

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