Wow. Been a while since I've done this.

So for the 3 or so people who will actually read this and care, it's about time I made a few updates about what I've been doing, where I have been and so on.

First of all is the final project I'm working on. Remember when I kept talking about Five Nights at Hectors and all that stuff? Well, that shit has been thrown away. A very long time ago. But now, a new project has arisen and is in action.

Aaaaaand this ones been trashed as well, due to both Cinima 4D crashing from all the models, and my mother deleting Clickteam Fusion (i swear it's like she's done it before)

That project was Axotlol. A project that I was very happy about starting. But you can never have nice things.

Now, I would have givens up at that point, but I didn't because of a backup idea of mine. It's name is Clockmyser. Even if it's not going to be what Axotlol was going to be, there are somethings in it that I hope propel me to make it into a reality.

And, just a little update on what's going on. No, I am not dead or leaving the wiki. It's just that...a few things occurred in my life which changed me. But, don't worry, the old Cowhat is still here :)

Also, I've been becoming less and less active here because one: the wiki seems to be at the end of its road. At this point, it's like trying to resurrect a goldfish that's been dead for 8 months and 2 days. And 6 hours, 17 minuets and 4 seconds. And two: it's kinda boring and dead. Nothing happens, no one comes or leaves. The only way it would be better is if Crit made a new game.

But, you can find me on a wiki called the Comet Matrix (I can't remember what it's called, Cas I'm sorry ;-;). So if you wanna talk to me, I might be on that wikis chat (unless Cassie takes too long getting to the chat, or I leave cuz food).

So, yeah. Have a great day/afternoon/night.

-Mr. Cowhat Von Clockmyser the third

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