This fanon game is a sequel to FNATL 3: TEG. It also have a few minigames.



It is used to check the cameras, however it has no name for cameras and the player needs to go to the right in order to open it. The player is also able to play audio in a camera to make enemies close to it to go to that camera, additionally, it is able to seal the vent cameras.

Mainteance Panel

It is used to fix the errors.


Main characters


He is the main protagonist of the game. His appearance is not shown in the nights, but in the minigames it is shown, he wears a black guard suit while he haves blue eyes and yellow hair.


He is the secondary protagonist in the game and he is the phone guy of the game.

Normal enemies

Salvage Critolious

He is the quickest normal enemy in the game. He haves the appearance of Critolious, but he haves empty eyes with red pupils and he is stained in blood.

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