Hiya guys,so i am time for oc creating! Sorry i did not ask tup if i can do this. NOTE:This is a requesting blog so dont request anything up here


Tup's OC Gallery

Insane Original

Insane Original

The Destroyed

The Destroyed

Less Withered Prototype Tinky Winky

Less Withered Prototypee Tinky Winky

Less Withered Prototype Dipsy

Less Withered Prototype Dipsy

Less Withered Prototype Laa-Laa

Less Withered Prototype Laa Laa

Dipsy full body-0 new eye

Dipsy's full body with his new eye

Laa-laa full body new eyes

Laa-Laa's full body with her new eyes

Less Withered Prototype Po

Less Withered Prototype Po

The weird


The frightened

The Frightened

File:Michael full body.png
Sally 2


5 nights at tubbyland 2 png by thesitcixd-d8saolx

Blue Po

My OC Gallery

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