If you did not read the first half of this thing. Then I suggest you read it. I also suggest that you read part one and two. Here are the links.




If you have not read any of these then stop and go read them. Also if you are confused. This is a SECOND HALF. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST HALF OF PART THREE. THIS IS THE SECOND HALF. So if you are confused. Just go back and read the first half of the third one. Alright.

Props hall po profile
Old Po has gotten over her obsession with guards. She instead has a crush on P. Dipsy. She is blind so she asks everyone for directions. Even the Po Plush. The Po Plush does not help by the way. She often mistakes other Tubbybots for P. Dipsy (her aforementioned crush) so she tries to chase them around. Old Po also loves eating Tubby Toast. She hates eating Tubby Custard because it reminds her of....tHe iNcIdEN- I mean..... Reasons..... So. That is really all about her. She is also very quiet.

Decimated manual transparent
Decimated is the MLG God. He really is. That sums him up in five words. His cousin TVT is still a scrub lord. Decimated often makes grammar mistakes and he barely uses punctuation. But he can time travel and teleport. He can summon any swag thing in the universe. His arch enemy is Michealt1. He also used to make Employee #6 (The FNATL 3 Guard) very angry because he shouted " TIME FOR SWAGTUBBIES TIME FOR SWAGTUBBIES " over and over again. He saves his friends when they are in need. And he can travel to alternate dimensions by the way.

File:Photoshopped original jumpscare.gif
The Original is the leader of every single Tubbybot. Like his name suggests, he was the first Tubbybot ever made. But sometimes he is annoyed by his heads. You know the heads on his arms? He also LOVES his Cowhat and is very protective of it. He is the only one who can't be possessed by Employee #3. Because over the many years he has gained resistance to that. His sharp teeth and heads on his arms come from the vandilazations that have happened to him. He is also glad to help any other Tubbybot in need. And he has gained almost as much swag as Decimated.

PTLD walk away
I don't know how to describe myself. It is whatever you think of me. But..... I was hijacked by Employee #6 to do the explosion. And then when that didn't work, Employee #6 hijacked me again and made me take over Po to do the explosion. I also was the second Tubbybot ever made. Right after the Original. And I know I was created on a June 5th. I also have a crush on P. Laa-Laa. And I am currently being possessed by the soul of Employee #6. Sometimes he takes over. Other times he doesn't do anything. You can tell when he is taking over when he talks in caps. Anyways. Back to the other personalities.

Po cutscene jumpscare
Creepy Po lives up to her name. She is a ghost who can enter the physical world. And she is VERY creepy. She appears out of nowhere at the most random times. And she often hugs the nearest Tubbybot and doesn't let go. And she ALWAYS says " Ey bby wana fondle " She doesn't fok. She fondles. Which basically means she snuggles up with people and doesn't let go for a long time. And then she foks that Tubbybot that she is hugging despite the fact she is female. She is ALWAYS smiling. She never stops. And she is able to fondle and fok any Tubbybot, even Decimated. She is floating suit parts. So if you rip one of her arms or legs or head off, they just float back to her. She also has the loudest scream out of all the Tubbybots.

Po v2 head
The Po V2 head is pretty much the same as Po V2. She is very dumb but not loud or obnoxious. But the Po V2 Head makes the worst grammar mistakes out of every Tubbybot. She can't even spell. Seriously. She also often says " y U diU ds " and since she doesn't have a body she can only shit out of her mouth. She also has a slight crush on the Tinky Winky V2 Head.

Laa-laa v2 head
The Laa-Laa V2 Head is extremely dumb. The only things she can say are " U really want me ", " I LOVE YOU DIPSY V2 BAE " and " LEZ FOK DIPSY V2 BAE ". But that is it. She can only say those three things. She has a massive YANDERE crush on the Dipsy V2 Head. She often drives The Original crazy because all of their conversations go something like this.

Laa-Laa V2 Head: (wakes up)

The Original: Oh Hi head!

Laa-Laa V2 Head: (looks at Original and blinks)

The Original: No.

Laa-Laa V2 Head: U really want me.

The Original: NO.

Laa-Laa V2 Head: U really want me.

The Original: NO.

Laa-Laa V2 Head: U really want me.

The Original: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Laa-Laa V2 Head: U really want me (she says that 1000 more times)

Tinky v2 head
The Tinky Winky V2 Head is just plain weird. His catchphrase is " I WNT TABY TOST " And then when somebody finally gives him Tubby Toast he remembers he can't eat anything. But then when somebody takes the Tubby Toast away from him he keeps asking for it. And the cycle continues. He has a massive crush on the Po V2 Head and makes Original write fanfics about him and the Po V2 Head.

Dipsy v2 head office
The Dipsy V2 Head is very dumb. Dumber then the Laa-Laa V2 Head. He can only say " I like paperclips " and " I LOVE YOU LAA-LAA V2 BAE ". But that is it. He has a massive obsession with paperclips and can often be seen licking buckets of paperclips. He has a bigger obsession with the Laa-Laa V2 Head. Both of them always try to fok when they see each other. And he always sits on the office desk. That is it. Really.

Po plush new
The Po Plush is almost as creepy as Creepy Po. She can speak English but she always says " PLAY WITH THE BEST PLUSH EVERRRRRR PLAY WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ". She wants people to use her like a Barbie doll and play with her. But nobody ever does play with her. They all run away from her and when they do, she chases the nearest Tubbybot and doesn't stop until they play with her. She considers herself the best plush ever. And whenever another Plush asks a Tubbybot to play with him/her she pushes them out of the way. She is often noscoped but she still likes to chase everyone.

Tubbyland balloon
The Tubbyland Balloon is the dumbest Tubbybot in history. He can only say " plz dunt pop meh " but that is it. And he is often sucked up by Noo-Noo and he is popped. But he respawns in the office. That is really his whole life.

Thank you everyone for reading this!!!! I hope you enjoyed this and the other two Tubbybot personalities! Thank you everyone!

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