Like I always say..... If you didn't read any of my other Tubbybot personalities then READ. THEM. NOW.





Today. I will be covering the beta's personalities.

Beta po yes
Creepy Beta Po is even creepier then her cousin (Creepy Po). She can run at the speed of light and fondle even faster then Creepy Po. She always talks in caps and she mostly acts retarded. But when the other Beta's are in trouble she tries to rescue them but ends up fondling them. She often fondles other version's of Po and Tinky Winky the most. And she can actually see unlike Beta Po. She appears out of nowhere at the most random times.

Beta dipsy title
Beta Dipsy is dumb. He doesn't know any math or science unlike his V1 counterpart. He is mostly seen eating melons. The phrase he says the most is " U NO LUV MELN. I LUV MELON. " Like his V1 counterpart, he is in a relationship with Laa-Laa. Or for Beta Dipsy, Beta Laa-Laa. He pretends he has no legs and often drags himself around. Also when he smells farts or ass he says " HUe I sMElL ASs a N d FArTs. " He also has a fetish for purple. And blue. And yellow.

Beta Tinky Winky is smart but kinda dumb. He has legs this time and he can run really fast. But he often looses his legs because he runs too fast. He has a crush on Beta Po. Not Creepy Beta Po. He can twist his head all the way around. He hates being stared at by cameras. He takes it as a challenge and stares back. Forever. Until the camera turns off. He tries to hold in his farts and cover his butt because Beta Dipsy comes over to him and touches his butt and sniffs it for farts.

Beta Po is really weird. She often talks about completely unrelated topics in one sentence. She can turn her legs and feet backwards. And 40% of the time she talks in gibberish. But she still considers Beta Tinky Winky her bae. And whenever she sees him she says " HELLOBAEWANNAFONDLE " and runs around in circles. She is the only one who can't be fondled by Beta Creepy Po. Whenever she farts she explodes and runs on the ceiling. And that leaves Beta Dipsy frustrated because then he can't find where Beta Po or her farts are coming from. She loves her music box even more then her V1 counterpart. She often holds it and uses it as a shield. If somebody takes it away then she sends Beta Creepy Po to fondle them until they give it back.

Beta Laa-Laa is dumb. She can only say " U want me. " but she knows that Beta Dipsy is her bae. And she often goes over to him and farts in his face. She has no knowledge of the Right door and only comes to the left. She often steals Beta Po's music box and ends up getting fondled by Beta Creepy Po. When she hears a loud noise she drops to the ground and rolls around. That is pretty much it.

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