Before I start this off. If you have not read my other two personality things. Here are the links.



Now.... Let the madness begin.

Old proto dipsy jumpscare salvaged
Prototype Dipsy is very calm and relaxed. Whenever somebody says something he always replys with " K Den ". In fact that is all he can say. Because he has no arms he often uses his mouth to grab things. Even though all he says is " K Den " some other Tubbybots can actually hear what he is saying. It is hard eating Tubby Custard for him. So you can often find him licking Custard Machines and stealing other peoples custard when they are not looking. Same with Tubby Toast. He does not have a crush on anybody. Nobody is exactly sure whether he is sentient or not.

P. tinky head head swap transparent
Prototype Tinky Winky is extremely smart. But he spends most of his time inside his hole he made just for himself. He knows just as much as Noo-Noo. When he gets heated up too much he stops whatever he is doing, makes a car alarm sound and looks everywhere for a fire. Even though he is smarter then most Tubbybots he still is very nice to everyone. Nobody has ever seen what inside his hole. And even if they tried he always blocks them from getting into his hole. His crush is P. Po and he only shows that by hugging P. Po a lot and giving her Po Plushies.

Proto po ventilation hall
Prototype Po is very weird. She is sentient but she is random all the time. Like. All the time. Never once has she stopped being random. Well. For like five seconds. She often takes selfies with other Tubbybots and hangs out with P. Laa-Laa. She doesn't like to kill the Guard because she thinks it is wrong. So instead she stares at the guard and says " Hi! " but accidentally disables the guards systems. She often tells really, really, REALLY bad puns. Mostly to Noo-Noo which makes him very angry. She has a crush on P. Tinky and has every single Po Plush he has given her.

Nightmare Night ProtoLaaLaa Scare
Prototype Laa-Laa is very

dumb. She always says " Ey bby wana fok ". Because she loves banging with other Tubbybots. She can run at the speed of light making it impossible to run away from her. She does not use any punctuation or grammar in her sentences. She mostly bangs with PTLD-93 (Me) because of her omega crush. She often talks with P. Po when she is bored. In every single sentence I mean EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE she says " Ey bby wana fok ". She can talk in English but says " Ey bby wana fok " in every sentence. She plays with her antennae on her head. Like a cat plays with yarn.

Smooth noo-noo jumpscare transparent
Noo-Noo is still his smart self. This time he is only 1 percent Noo-Noo and 99 Percent Employee #3. Because over the years he has gained control of Noo-Noo more and more. He also has gone back to talking in caps. He is the smartest Tubbybot ever in the history of Tubbybots. P. Po tells him really bad puns so he often is afraid or angry at P. Po.

He can eat anything because his five rows of teeth can chew up anything. He is often found cleaning the place and fixing stuff. He is a huge neat freak by the way. He is happy because he is reunited with his brother Employee #6.

Po 3 profile
Old Po has gotten over her obsession with guards. She instead has a crush on P. Dipsy. She is blind so she asks everyone for directions.


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