CEO: Alright........ So we have recovered the..... New versions.... Right?

Manager: Yup..... Weird thing is, they were found near that cloning machine.....

CEO: Shhh...... That was the abandoned project.... We can't have everyone know about it...... Let's just leave........ And in the morning..... We will never talk about this again.... Let's just see the new versions entertain the kids..... Even if they are clones.....

Emp #8: I have an idea. We will get a suggestion box.... So people can complain about things that are wrong and need to be fixed.

The Next Morning..... In The Suggestion Box....

Suggestion: Those kids are getting annoying. We should clean up the floors with Mr. Handy more often.

Suggestion: The new mascots are walking around during the day. Sometimes they sTAre at me and don't look away.

Suggestion: That old Mr. Handy is activating and deactivating. He is also playing loud music and it is starting to get on my nerves.

Suggestion: Am I the only one seeing yellow things?

Suggestion: Today I have been seeing the same event. I have been seeing a yellow mascot drag something or someone to the BackRoom. Once I tried to get close but when I did, I passed out and woke up in the office. Very disturbing.

Suggestion: Please stop this music.

Suggestion: the pizza and other food tastes like cardboard.

Suggestion: Please tell everybody to stop painting red on the walls.


Suggestion: The security guard has been complaining about seeing a yellow figure. He has also been saying something about seeing the office plushies stare at him wherever he goes.

Suggestion: One of the old mascots cornered me in that old boarded up room.

Suggestion: am I the only one that thinks the old creator should have a face?


Suggestion: All four old mascots stared at me while I was in the backstage. When they did I swear I saw two glowing eyes come from inside each of their mouths.

Suggestion: I found a machine in the back. It makes spare animatronics suits. But they are filled with endoskeletons for some reason.

Suggestion: can you get me out of this suit? You wouldn't like it if yOu WeRe iMPalEd


Suggestion: The new Mr. Handy was gone for two hours. Then when I fell asleep and woke up it was in front of me with blood and teeth inside its nozzle.

Suggestion: I have noticed several Employee's here go missing. I have found all their bodies in costumes. But the costumes are empty. They have no mechanical devices in them. But the corpses show they were impaled by something.

Suggestion: please get me out of here

Suggestion: We are shutting down the place. We have no explanation for any events going on here. Good day to you all, and remember to smile.

Suggestion: no costume for me?

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