One location.

A Springlock failure.

One shutdown.

A New Nightmare.

One Veangence filled spirit.

A group of children.

Four animatronics.

Four murders.

Four stuffings.

Four possessions.

One cloning machine.

One clone.

Two clones.

Three clones.

Four clones.

One device.

One puppet.

One incident.

One explosion.

A new nightmare.

" Uh.... Hello? Are you there? Oh hey man! So... We found four animatronics in the BackRoom of the Old Steve's Magical Palace.... They look.... Like the Old ones..... Except they are completely new.... And they are colored.... Different.... Anyways. We are using them for the new Resturant. Strange thing.... We found them by the cloning machine..... "

Four new evil forces.

Four old sprits.

Four rotting animatronics.

One new guard.

A Yellow Sinister Smile.

Four Veangence filled spirits.

Another " accident ".

Another shutdown.

A new nightmare.

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