After finding a text argument between PTLD and an unknown contact, the phone number was traced and Detective Pig, Detective Mike, and Officer Cowhat are sent to investigate the address. However, due to a police station break-in that ended with the theft of the finger print dustings and a threatening note, their safety is in great question.

  • The detectives and Cowhat are riding in a police car
  • Mike pulls out a ketchup packet, tears it open, and starts slurping from it

Pig: Mike, what are you doing?

Mike: I......I....well, you see.......I love ketchup, don't judge me!

Pig: Mmmmk.

Cowhat: I think we're here.

  • They get out of the car and knock on the door
  • The door is answered by a small, purple being. The house is filled with chocolate-caramel candies.

Pig: I'm Detective PigZapper, this is my partner Detective Mike, and a friend of mine, Officer Cowhat. We'd like to ask you a few questions. Can we have your name?

Milkdud: Call me Milkdud.

Pig: May we ask why they call you that?

Milkdud: It's pretty obvious. May I ask what you'd like to talk to me about?

Mike: We'll get to that. May we come in?

Milkdud: Sure.

  • Everyone gets settled, Milkdud begins eating Milkduds

Pig: So, how are you associated with Real PTLD?

Milkdud:....we're friends. We've known eachother for a few years. We met at a candy store.

Cowhat: So...did you recently do a big favor for him?

Milkdud: ....

Mike: We've seen the texts, no point in lying.

Milkdud: Yeah, I did a thing for him. He told me he would give me 500 boxes of Milkduds if I did. He still hasn't paid up. I told him no excuses.

Pig: Is death an excuse in your book?


  • The detectives look at eachother, Pig sighs

Pig: It's my unfortunate task to inform you that PTLD's body was found at the TWCC this morning. He had been dead for a few hours., man...crrrr......

  • Milkdud goes pale

Milkdud: H-how did....

Mike: He had a detatched faucet lodged in his neck. We've concluded it was a murder.

Milkdud: ...dangit, PTLD...I told him that getting mixed up in this would get him killed...

Pig: What exactly do you mean by "this"?

Milkdud: ...I don't really know, he told me to break into this warehouse to get some files a week ago. I did, but I was spotted and chased by this dude...I didn't get a look at his face...he disappeared about halfway through the hallway before I reached the exit, when I got outside I ran over to the Quick Mart on the other side of the street. I met a friend of mine there. We got a snack and I took a peak at the files. I went to the post office and left them in the PO box he told me to. I came home and didn't communicate with him until he was a week late on his Milkdud payment. That's when we had the argument.

Mike: What exactly were in the files?

Milkdud: Didn't get a close look, but something about a dude making his way to the top of the "food chain" using some political schemes and drug trafficking. I didn't get any names.

Cowhat: Also, who is this friend you met up with?

Milkdud: He's actually back in the guest room right now. I'll get him. Yo, Winky!

  • A purple and blue being emerges from the hallway

Michael: hello...oh hi cops

  • The detectives and officer stare

Pig:.....Michael P. Winky!?

Michael: is ok to see you

Milkdud: Wait, you know him?

Mike:...yeah, but not in a good way.

Michael: sorry i have bad repyootashun with police

Cowhat: He didn't break any laws, but he was incredibly annoying and was asked to cease some of his behavior several times at the community center, we took him into custody for about a day and then released him, he's been quiet ever since.

Michael: i have good behave, not fake ok, anyway y u here

Milkdud:....PTLD.....he's been murdered....

Michael: i not know him very well but sad, sorry to hear, hope you find culprit, anyway i have go, thank for let stay milk

  • Michael leaves

Pig: last question, and the most important one....can we have the warehouse address?

Milkdud: Sure, I'll write it down.

  • Milkdud writes down an address on a sticky note and gives it to Pig

Pig: Thanks for your cooperation. My condolences regarding your loss. If anything happens, call the police phone number. It's on the first page in the phone book.

Milkdud: Thanks, I will.

  • The gang picks up doughnuts and travels to the warehouse

Mike: Alright, let's head in calmly and see what we can fi-


  • Pig pushes Mike, a bullet hits the car, everyone draws weapons
  • a gunman is standing by the entrance

Gunman: Sorry, cops! Nothin' personal, just followin' orders.

  • the gunman continues to fire
  • Cowhat fires a single shot that hits the gunman in the chest, the gunman collapses and everyone runs over

Mike: It went into his heart, he ain't even got a minute left.

Pig: Alright, I ain't sugar coating this for you, you're about to die, at least go out helping your community. Who is your boss?

Gunman: ....I....I...I am loyal....I'm sorry....I can't say...

Pig: At least give us something! Last moments, surely you wanna go out in good! this....none of this...i-is w-w-what it seems....b-but my boss is d-dangerous....f-farewell.

  • the gunman dies

Cowhat: ...

Pig: Cowhat, don't you dare blame yourself. You did what you had to do in defense.

  • Mike gets a phone call

Mike: Hello?.....okay.....discrepancy? Interesting....alright.....okay, then...yeah, we're at the old warehouse. We got a lead and we just and to shoot had kill a henchman, said something about this not being what it seems...hmm...alright. Thanks, I'll let them know. Goodbye.

  • Mike hangs up

Pig: What was that about?

Mike: That was C.L. Says we need to get back to the station, he said he isn't too sure what it is, but PTLD's body has a major discrepancy.

Cowhat: What does he mean, "discrepancy"?

Mike: Wasn't too sure himself, but he ran some sort of test and it came back with "innaplicable results".

Pig: Well, we had better head back.

  • They all go to the station and discuss with Cheif Tupar, as Dr. C.L. has gone home for the day.
  • Later that night, at Dr. C.L.'s house, C.L. is reading a book when he hears footsteps.

C.L.: Ruffles, is that you?

  • a pug puppy waddles up beside him

C.L..:...what the heck?

  • a masked man with a shotgun bursts in and points it at C.L.

Masked Man: Keep cool if you don't want your brains blown out.

C.L.: Wh-what is this...s-some sort of robbery? Take whatever you want...

Masked Man: Guess that would be you, considering this is a kidnapping.


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