I like games.

I like mysteries.

I like M̫͉̝͈̹̖̮ͬ̊Ũ̹̬̠̬̥͋ͧͮ̐ͣ̾ͯ̀R̹̹̱̟̙̩̲ͨ̎̑͌͋ͨͥ̕͠D̴̰̰̔͋̅̍̎͘E̸̡̻̖͔̞͙̗̞̣ͯ̋̉͗̉ͥͫ͞R̺̝͙̳̫̳̳̝͎̈̂̂̓ͪ̚.

So I am doing a little murder mystery game relating to TMM. On the chapter before the murderer is revealed, I will put a notice at the end of it along with a link to this post.

The rules are simple:

-Post the name of who you think the murderer is.

-You can only post ONE name.

-It MUST be specific, you cannot put "I think an OC did it."

Whoever gets it right will recieve a shoutout in the chapter that the killer is revealed in and also wins a GIMP photoshop request.

Have fun!

3-30-16 7:38 PM EDIT - I have deleted the last edit regarding the plot twist. Please disregard it, I have cancelled that part of the challenge.

3-31-16 9:37 PM CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT: The game is closed, the winner is Critolious!

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