Cadet v2

Here he is.



For those of you who dont know who Cadet is he is my OC. Here is a picture of him. His backstory was he was originally an accident when they were making the original. they messed up on the color and the eyes. So he was abandoned. Then thats when the company came up with an idea. They decided to open Cadet's Family Restraunt. It was perfectly family friendly. It had a animatronic band that entertained the kids. While the parents and kids could eat actual food and have a meal and watch the band sing and play. The Band consisted of Cadet as you see here who was lead singer. Suna which is also here. He was the guitar player. And last but not least Sine P. Who was the backup singer. The restraunt was a huge success. Millions of people traveled all over the world just to come and enjoy the wonders of Cadet's Family Restraunt. It was a huge hit for years. Then the restraunt was eventually closed down due to low budget because people stopped coming and lost intrest and the animatronics were scrapped and put into storage for incase the restraunt chose to open its doors later on. Thats when the gang learned what Loneliness and isolation was like. They sat there for years. Only having each other to talk to. The End. if you guys want me to continue I will. I will make personalities as well.
Sine p

sine P.

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