Cadet v2

Here he is.

Cadet: He is a very smart and kind animatronic. He is Chaoticly Good which means he doesnt go after the guard. he instead sits with the guard in his/her office and chats with the guard. He also shuts off the power at random and hides the tablet to mess with him. He knows what Isolation and Loneliness is. So he makes sure no one else experiences it.

Suna: He is a smart animatronic. He is funny, kind, ignorant, and energetic. He doesn't attack the guard. He instead just wanders around and talks to the other animatronics and talks to the guard sometimes as well. He loves to eat tubby custard and tubby toast. He also likes to make rocking tunes on his guitar.



Sine p

sine P.

Sine P: He is an ignorant, Smartalic, Funny, Nice, Smart sort of, Friendly and Prankster. He loves to pull pranks on the nightguard. He also loves to pull pranks on the other animatronics. Like when he stole Suna's guitar and hid it in the guards office! He also loves to sing and to rap. He also likes to tell jokes. He doesnt like to kill the nightguard. So he just runs around randomly and shouts random things. Or is practicing his rapping. I will make part 2 if u want me to.

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