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  • I was born on August 5
  • My occupation is A nice, helpful person.
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  • Sowhat2008

    ( the meaningless room)

    Distorted Noo-Noo: Hehehehehhe...

    Distorted Noo-Noo: Someday, I will soon get revenge on the whole restaurant.

    Distorted Noo-Noo: MUAWHAHUAHUAHAU!!!

    (Sorry, I was too lazy so I made it extremely short)

    PART 3 Coming around June 2018

    PART 4 Coming around the late 2018.

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  • Sowhat2008

    Once Upon A Time,Lived 5 Tubbybots.

    (Meanwhile In The Restaurent)

    Original Po:What A Nice Day :D

    Original Laa-Laa:Yeah

    Original Thinky Winky:Wait Where Is Dipsy?

    Original Thinky Winky:He Said He Was Going To The Bathroom And He Is Taking So Long

    Original Dipsy:Guys,Im Back!

    Original Po:Ok Whos Ready?

    Original Laa-Laa:Me

    Original Dipsy:Me

    (Original Thinky Winky Steps 1 Time Backwards)

    Original Thinky Winky:*Sighs*Fine,Im Ready Then....

    Original Po:Ok Get Ready!

    Original Po:3,2,1

    (All Tubbybots Shut Down)

    Original PLTD-93:Good Job People...

    (The Next Day...)

    (The Tubbybots Woke Up)

    Original PLTD-93:Hey Guys Or Girls,I Saw The Nightguard.At Night,You Need To Kill Him

    Original Po:Ok

    (When It Was Now Night Time)

    (Tubbybots Start Killing The Nightguard)

    (Original Po …

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