so last night when I went to sleep, I had a very weird dream, which was strangely FNaTL related. I don't know what happened in my dream, but all I know, I was in the first known Tubbyland restaurant as the night guard.

I was at the desk, the phone call from the first night was heard too. Anyways, as I went through the night, things were a bit strange. I didn't remember Tubbyland's office looking like it had a door on the right, but this door on the right was NOTHING to the door on the left. It used a lever instead of a button, and of course it was all just a grey metal door that you'd probably have in a jail cell, maybe. I don't know. When I heard Laa-Laa come to the left door as I pulled my monitor down, she was strangely visible in the doorway, just like the unused office textures for when Laa-Laa and Dipsy when they appear there. The phone guy DID say something about the doorway being dark, and when I went to close the door on the left, it strangely went down slowly. But in the end, it did close, and I never got caught by Laa-Laa.

As the night went on, I strangely got up. Weird, if you ask me. I then went through several dark rooms, which were the rooms in Tubbyland 1, until I went back to the office through Dining Room 2, but as I went to go sit down, I looked up, and saw none other than PTLD-93 standing on my desk, with his red pupils and black eyes. 2spoopy4u, don't you think? The weird thing is, PTLD never actually killed me with his FNaTL1 jumpscare. It suddenly transitioned me from Tubbyland 1 into my back garden/yard at night. Suddenly, a box appeared in the hand of the broken up animatronic itself. Yes, PTLD-93 only has one hand, since his other arm is ripped off. But this was a wooden box, and when I opened it up, it strangely had cards of the animatronics in all 3 games. The only one I saw was the Tubbyland 3 Po, strangely. But wait! How many times have I used "strangely"? I'm not sure if it's actually a word, or if I threw it in here, to see if it made sense or what not.

I went back into my house, and suddenly it became daytime. My mother and sister were in the living room when I went in, and I showed the box to them... but now that is all I could have remembered. Nope. There isn't more to remember what happened in my dream. Yeah, I have VERY weird dreams if you ask me.

Well...what do you think? I have nothing more to say though, g'dbye.

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