So guys, Tuparman told me if I uploaded my image to Imgur and linked it back, it would probably work. But, making a blog post instead of just posting to my message wall will probably work fine. And it somewhat did! Anyways...

I have made other animatronics other than Po that I showed in my message wall post (Dipsy, Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa if you're wondering), which also include their beta versions, which can be seen in the Noo-noo picture below. I may show you a close up of them in another blog post though. Also, sorry if this is short.

Here are some images I was trying to show you that wouldn't work before:
RobloxScreenShot20170713 200832501

The office in-game, before I began building the Noo-noo. It includes the repair room and hall, and an unfinished Dining Area 2.

Fnatl1 roblox edition noo-noo progression

An image of the Noo-noo that I am currently building. To the left, you can see a Po model which I made before I built new ones because it looked, well, unrealistic. To the right, you can see the Beta Tubbybots, the Tubby Toaster and an obvious reference to the Night 69 videos. I was messing around, so yeah...

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