Ultimate Original

Guys I have no idea what happened

Po is just done

Ugghh, why did you need to do that again, Original?!


(Eoo Eoo) What up, assholes?!

Noo noo fixed

Nothing. Original's got this strange thing going on. I have no idea what it's called.


(Eoo Eoo) I have seen this before... I searched(this will not work in real life) "what is it called if you have a lot of heads on you" It's lots-of-heads-like-I-mean-a-lot!

Po mugshot



(Eoo Eoo) Ughh.. Just look it up. It's gone in just 5 days!

Noot noot

(Amazing Noot Noot) 5 D0YS L0T0R


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! But at least the multiple head thing is gone.

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